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lirik lagu 44 bars – penny the goat


i remember _way back when during then after schools summers/ meet up with some loud/
and its funny that you
_f-cked with us then you ain’t f-cking with us now/
.and we was no different,so why you so distant/
. your soul switching and i’m mad you did it/
we sup_pose to be the kids turning rags to riches/
..had my back when i was jumped at the court/
.i was trynna be bold but it was _dumb that’s for sure/
but now you _done and of course you’d do anything to fit it in/
_you inspired me cause you made everything a vision/
…now you lost it/
and i’ve been _p-ssed cause i know i could’ve prevented what caused it/
cause i gave a f-ck about ya messages/
…just keep messing with whoever you was messing with/
.we was grinding just make our mothers mad proud/
. now you mad child s_tuck in a bad crowd/
……..(8)the streets turned my best friend bestfriend to a stranger/ i’m best friend with the anger/
and i’ma still be at the west end when you change up/
……….yeah motherf-cker ima be there/
…..(5)and i don’t need to
.i’m there cause i’m ya biggest fan i’m trynna meet you/
..ya see through n-gg- and i can see it clear/
.you rather wake up a failure then to be prepare/
..(2)and ima never forget what you told me/
_if you want respect as the rapper you are/
you _cant quit rapping just to trap without a car/
that’s _not you/
you’re among the few that can actually spit/
emaculate sh-t, that’s not about grabbing some t-ts/
. this about self-image, self-pride
..and your ident-ty for what was meant to be/
…youll be sicker than nas, bigger pac, so hit the booth and give it a shot/
n-gg- i _did it/
…im finally here/
and i _swear that ain’t no rappers wanna _try me in here/
i’ve been _k!lling every line, e_very beat with no sk!ll/
_leavin’em all bodied in the street no roadk!ll/
.you going thru a red light like you color blind/ you ain’t never _stopped all them other times/
_you was like brother to me/
n-gg-s would swear that you _had the same mother as me/
that’s how close we w_as/
…you overdosed on drugs, and almost _died without purpose i know it wasn’t on purpose/
but _d-mn.. i know it sucks, the pain/
and in_stead of being strong, i’ve seen how much youve changed/
…now you’ll never be the old you/
. i said don’t chill with them motherf-cker i told you/
. you did me wrong whatever/
but i regret every_word i never said cause now you _gone forever/