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lirik lagu magnifier – people i love


[verse 1]
i think you could talk or just stick out your hand
and if you smile then there’s no other words to be said
for how you fee,l but you could talk forever, even a thousand years
i got time, i got trash, i got fears
but it’s okay

tell me everything i wanna hear
inspiration, inspiration
take me anywhere you wanna go
motivation, motivation

[verse 2]
you could be the red horse and i’ll be the blue
and, yeah, i like how it feels when i think of the two
and i feel fine, i feel good when you look in my brain
do you see pain or a light? i don’t want you away
yeah i’m okay

list the shooting stars that happened prior
getting higher, getting highеr
i just wanna see it all up close
magnifier, magnifier



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