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lirik lagu paradise – perry maysun & young wabo


[verse 1: perry maysun, coldkidclub, young wabo]
must follow your sh*t and don’t appease to no one
f*ck the gold and f*ck the diamonds
no one chosen
the undergrounds arosen
sick of the f*cking cloning
the plug called in, he got the omnipotent
n*ggas really pipe thumbs like we really coded
watch who these n*ggas really rolling with
watch how these n*ggas really rolling with that
i was bumping metal fingers
smoking socket wrenches
i was rolling blunts inside the lil detention
i don’t got another name that you should mention
perry maysun, motherf*cker, told her run the pension
danish white b*tch on my side like lederhosen
know who you’re speaking to: it’s wabo, n*gga
you ain’t got the requirements
shorty tryna bless me, i guess i’m the testament
uh, bumping pharrel happy on a sad day
brain stuck in a gel, i guess i’m locked in my bad ways
i was popping pills in the kitchen on a sat*rday
i was popping pills in the kitchen on a sat*rday
black and ghost soul, like light and day
highway to heaven, took the latter way
do you know what it means to sacrifice?
soul on the game like a paradise
[chorus: perry maysun]

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