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lirik lagu i,d do it again – peter garrett


i didn’t jump i wasn’t pushed
i went of my own accord to do what i could
i got my hands dirty l had to go
to try and even up the score
i had to leave the show

there may be a perfect paradise
where black and white don’t meet
where the clicking mouse is a subst-tute
for the sound of marching feet
we might think we can have it all
that no one has to fall
but if i ever went around i’d do it again

l saw the best of men and l saw the worse
i saw the best of woman too. from governor to nurse
i straightened up and turned my cheek
lonely in the night
you only get one chance at things
to try and do what’s right

while all the glory hunters were basking in false smiles
twisted egos and ambitions mile after mile
l went to find a quiet place
away ftorn the madding mob
to try and make a difference
get on with the job and do it again

then i was simply waiting for a moment to br free
when they pull the curtains back
you know its time to leave
set my face towards the sun
to let those seasons run and run but still
i’d do it again