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lirik lagu phoebe fisher disstrack – peter jones and alex schapiro


i used to live in prague
phoebe doesn’t have a dog
in fact, she got a kitten
and she almost got with griffin

at whitney young they like to bool
but phoebe went to private school
for 12 years, ain’t that funny
so all this time she making fun, she was hiding that money

she brags about whitney basketball
always tryna start beef
her phone dry, she don’t get no calls
and for some reason she like chief keef

they sayin’ this public vs. private
but it ain’t that at all
these verses warming like the climate
and phoebe’s bouta take a fall

phoebe not smart
that we all know
rather sit on her -ss and hit a cart
than go see gambino

listen, listen
you all have been told
but here’s a little extra tip
phoebe’s hard to control
she can never get a grip

but if you wanna shut her up, just ask about that mole
right on top of her lip