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lirik lagu do a dance – peter kingsbery


it’s a real life story that never was
tomorrow’s scandal for true love
and how one man learns to rise above
the ball and chain
it’s either a bust or the big chance
a struggle for wealth and romance
so tired of trying to understand
this dirty game
i see my arms start to open
i feel my heart want to hold them
i know that i’ll never be the same
i want a kiss
i want to do a dance
i want to live
i want to lay down and raise up
and feel like i can start again
no satisfaction guarantee
it’s just the way things turn out to be
no sentimental nights left to haunt me
in my sleep
i believe in making the action
just a little more s-x and distraction
a i can live the everlasting
only now can love make a difference
crying out as i stop to listen
never quite believing all that i see