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lirik lagu pezo – i’m back – pezo


[verse 1 pezo:]
i’m smoking this dope and you know that im chillen
i’m juggin & flexin these niggas can’t feel it
i’m up in the trap house you know that im drillen
if i see a opp than you know that i’m k!llen
it’s me and the guys and im up on my block
ar-15 that hold 20 shots, we flexin on niggas this shit never stops!
run up on me yo -ss will get shot, got goons in the cuts and these bodies gon drop! flexin one hunnits yo b-tch give me top
i got all this money i dont love these thots!
yeah! they call me peso i got 2 glocks
cause you know that im running, the opps know im coming, better watch out cause you know that im gunnin, yeah they call me peso im in love with the money, k!lllin these niggas my trap name is sonny!

and i’m back, and i’m back, and i’m back
better watch out cause im ready to attack!
nigga talk shit imma hit him with a mac!
thirty shots, yeah imma leave him on his back!
sippin on lean, smoking blunts in the trap!
you already know me im coming through quick!
nigga talk shit imma hit him in the lip!
call t up man he’ll leave you in a ditch!
i don’t give a fuck if a nigga gon snitch!
blockniggas run up on you triple 6 (666)

cause these niggas they know that im back in the game and im spittin these flames, and these niggas is lame
you already know that im reppin, you already know what im reppin (gang gang gang)