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double life (trailer version) - pharrell williams lyrics


that’s the question
who will gru be tonight? that’s the question

[verse 1]
hey, what are you hiding? (watch)
what you doin’ when you’re gone? (hey)
nothin’ wrong bein’ private (watch)
make sure it ain’t wrong (yeah)
your life double*sided (watch)
two*faced like coins
what side do i get? (watch)
what side are you on?

so what have you done? (brraa)
some of your dirt has come to light (yeah)
why were you speedin’ up that hill until the brakes come off? (yeah, hey)
and someone saw you in a fight, am i right?

[verse 2]
i know you heard the rumors (hey), you must gеt over to it right away (oh)
if anyone can do it, you gotta get thеre soon, it’s not okay (hey)
you got cars to drive, plenty jets to fly (blah, blah)
when will you arrive? you’re running out of time (phew)
don’t you see that everything is on the line? am i right? (watch, ooh, brraa)
who will you be tonight? that’s the question (blah, blah)
who will gru be tonight? that’s the question (phew)

the thrill of the double life

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