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lirik lagu ling ling (remix) – philthy rich


[intro: philthy rich]
(funk or die)
a wise man once said nothin’ at all (at all)
if she stay down long enough, then we destined to ball (solid)

[verse 1: philthy rich]
rollie on her wrist, but she ain’t set the time (bustdown)
she fell in love once, but this her second time (it is)
eyes cut low, baby 5’4″ (baby 5’4″)
we used to paint the east and the sideshow (it’s philthy)
ten thou’ on dr. miami (305)
victoria’s secret, shopping for brand new panties (ayy, what you need?)
let her drive the foreign off the lot (foreign)
when i first copped a wraith, she drove it off the block (it’s philthy)
ling ling, she a real trapper (swear to god)
plus she get more money than a lot of rappers (broke n*gga)
hatin’ ass b*tches, they just mean mug (hater)
fresh pedicure on a clean rug (it’s philthy)
white rice in the crockpot (ayy, eat it up)
she gave me good advice when the stock dropped (good lookin’, ma)
table full of chopsticks (ayy, i keep it on me)
eatin’ at the same table with the chopsticks (it’s philthy)
posture perfect, so she sit up right (sit up right)
fresh b00b job, so they sit up right (they sit up right)
california king what she sleepin’ on (is that right?)
silk versace robe what she keepin’ on (it’s philthy)
designer in her closet, ain’t nowhere to move (designer)
too many pair of reds, she can’t pick and choose (christian loubs)
let her count a hundred, all blues (chump change)
you can tell by the smell that it’s all new (it’s philthy)
she work out every day before she go to work (she go to work)
head game crazy, mami, go to work (mami, go to work)
sh*t ain’t the same, so it’s gon’ test you (uh*uh)
if you respect the game, then it’s gon’ bless you (it’s philthy)
[verse 2: yayaflawless]
uh, don’t ever let a bum n*gga test you (never)
never ever let a bum ho disrespect you (never)
i’m five feet, but this foot heavy on the metal (skrrt, skrrt)
new money, new problems, got me dancing with the devil (yaya)
no weapon formed against me shall prosper (amen)
bad b*tch, body of a trophy, no doctor (nah)
savage, mixed with chinese, speak proper (yaya)
p*ssy so sweet, welcome to my w*lly wonka
skin so soft and this ass softer (yaya)
he can tell i run it with this rich b*tch posture
ling ling, love you long time, dear chopper (yaya)
ling ling, know a couple shooters and robbers (i do)
slim thick chicky, i’s applying all the pressure
i ain’t gotta say sh*t, these hitters wait for one gesture (they do)
broke b*tch, ain’t talkin’ money, keep your lecture (shut the f*ck up)
give me, give me neck while i’m counting, gives me pleasure (it do)
he eat up the box whenever, wherever
this bag always secured if it rains for the weather (it is)
all this ice on me got me lookin’ like december (yaya)
ain’t no b*tch in the game can’t compare or nan’ better
he know that i’m into louis, dolce, and versace (i am)
fine china, got the sauce drippin’, teriyaki
boss b*tch, all them other b*tches mad they not me (not me)
flawless, ain’t another replica or copy
bum b*tch, yaya