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lirik lagu 3 man weave – pimp tobi


[verse 1: pimptobi]
everybody actin’ like they know me
and everywhere i go i keep a 40
sippin’ mud, no patron in my cup
i’m that young n-gga, got yo b-tch choosin’ up

[verse 2: shmoplife dookie]
and you know i’m really bout that check
these chains around my neck, got these n-ggas upset
i pull up in that audi, got these hoes breakin’ neck
lil heem in the back [?]

[verse 3: lil hen]
f-ck wrong with him, i’m a real gang banger
if they put me in the field i’m a real game changer
and i’m really on yo b-tch, why the f-ck you came with her
i be on the road, i’m a real lane switcher

[verse 4: pimptobi]
it’s taliban tobi with the 40
smoke a f-ck n-gga like some motherf-cking dodi
b-tch, this k clip look like a comma
these n-ggas, they be acting, they don’t really want no drama

[verse 5: shmoplife dookie]
aye, it’s lil’ shmop n-gga with that fn
a stock 20, n-gga that’s my best friend
i got a bad b-tch but i want her bestfriend
that k get to singin’ just like yes man

[verse 6: lil hen]
b-tch, it’s lil hen with a f-ckin’ mac 10
got dookie in the audi, finna back in
dirty -ss b-tch better put your tracks in
and i’m pullin’ up in all black just like batman

[verse 7: pimptobi]
aye, sippin’ on this 4, finna p-ss out
got yo b-tch on my d-ck, finna cash out
lil hen in the back with that mac round
50 shots in that b-tch, you get maxed out

[verse 8: shmoplife dookie]
every city that i hit, you know i’m locked in
i keep a stick on me, f-ck a stock 10
bad little b-tch and she topless
keep a shooter with me and you know he quick to rock sh-t

[verse 9: lil hen]
b-tch, i’m a real road runner
sending p’s outta state, you can’t get no low number
and i always keep the heat, it’s gon’ be a cold summer
tobi got a baby k cause he tryina’ blow something

[verse 10: pimptobi]
taking trips, i be flying on the jet
i just love running up a check
these n-ggas love typing on the neck
got his b-tch on the blade, probably why he upset

[verse 11: shmoplife dookie]
that’s why these n-ggas upset
i’m 10 toes down really running up a check
[?] but i had to come correct
and i f-ck with lil pimp cause my n-gga got a check

[verse 12: lil hen]
look b-tch, everywhere i go i gotta drop sh-t
never in my life had a stock clip
and i’m always on the road with the top loft
why you asking for the price but don’t cop sh-t

[verse 13: pimptobi]
why you asking for the price but don’t cop sh-t
why the f-ck you got a glock but don’t pop sh-t
30 on my hip f-ck a stock clip
air a n-gga out like a [?]