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lirik lagu 01. intro – pinksoaphaley


01. intro [prod. slaughter beats]

[1st verse]
haley is hotter than the sun but these clouds are blocking my shine
i am steady skating don’t fvck with the surfer because they outche riding the same wave
skri n-gg-s are here on a move but i’m still outche hitting snooze, i don’t really care about crews and all of your friends they not cool
maybe it’s hunger? here’s some food!
this ep will help you bare fruits
you had the juice but i sipped it!
you got the sauce but i dipped it!
they hated but we did it!
trust me i’m not here to brag but i might just change my name to brad, just kidding i sick with the gang and wavy still shooting for the clan showing these n-gg-s that we can
malahleni presents…

[2nd verse]
hey, i’m haley with the soap; i murdered sam on a show/pinksoaphaley that is the cloud
i’m always dripping i got time
i’m tryna show you all is mine
i do all this sh-t just for fun then blow off my steam on your hon
force 1’s i used to skate with them, jordan 12’s i used to ball with them
because b-tches are jumping around but all i did was h-t a palm fake
mama gave me all the love but sharty took it and made it all fake
the streets are harder than they look that’s why i finna build my own state
not everybody has money because we blew it all tryna get cake
planet earth is savage as fvck, so we have to move on our own pace
we are aware that we stars but some stars have to somehow fade