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lirik lagu 04-thortons big gulp – pit boss


you wear more make-up than zsa-zsa gabor
been engaged thirty times because you’re a wh0r-
who did you blow to get in tattoo magazine?
they airbrushed your t–th so them sh-ts would look clean
you wanna be the coolest girl, the leader of the pack
but you can’t be respected when you’re face-deep in sack
you got p-ssed off online when your bubble started burstin’
it’s not my fault you f-cked everyone from fat rob to rich thurston
i’d be so ashamed if you were my daughter
were you up all night when you f-cked slaughter?
f-ck any band whether skinhead or dreaded
been in more tour vans than premium unleaded
more paint on your eyebrows than tammy fay baker
“x”es tattooed on your chest because you’re a faker
you “did something crazy” when you shaved your head
but who’s gonna f-ck the bands when aids k!lls you dead?
you even dated the singer from strangers as h0m-s
this doesn’t rhyme, you just f-cking suck
bright pink hair, thinking you look tight
but you’re not cute, you look like a transvest-te
f-ck anyone for scene points who’s willing and able
been laid in more hotel rooms than basic cable
claiming straightedge but tipping back beers
you’d f-ck propaghandi except they’re all queers