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lirik lagu 1/11 freestyle – pixieshawty


there’s kids battle rappin in harlem
more clean than what plays on the radio
trust me i know, i was one of those
now i’ve jumped in the game like jeranomo
like i jumped in the sea how i’m makin a splash
how some of y’all spittin is honestly trash
i took that sh*t out like my words out of context (huh?)
switch up my hair
who knows what style i’ll rock next (yuh)
no i ain’t bleach it for x
everyday i step out and i flex
f*ck on your boo, should’ve known he was next
i don’t know what else you really expect
cause look i’m a magic, i’m makin it happen
your favorite rapper rappin about trappin
your favorite rappin bout sh*t that ain’t happen
your favorite rappin but i call it cappin
my verses be slappin yea
my words the truth
the pixie a magnet
your shawty the proof
after f*ckin your b*tch
he gave me the loot
got too many suitors they startin a rave
the honeys they love me all three*six*five days
i’m so f*ckin praised (yuh)
more praised than a white girl with thirty inch braids
more praised than a blonde in the nineties with brains
my mind is on mega
i’m so f*ckin smart
my chains on omega
that’s 24k
shoppin at popular they scream “hooray”
cause when i’m with eva (yay)
i’m makin it rain
i don’t entertain the false narratives
every move that i make is imperative
everywhere that i go there be cameras
on everyone’s mind when they
up late at night
when they go incognito on their favorite sites
my drip starting fights, i’m just sayin
pixieshawty what they cravin
the crown is in place for the takin
so i’m comin for necks, i’m not playin
pixie (yuh, ha)