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lirik lagu 22 – playboi carlo


twenty two
yeah, you know this sh-t is new
now i’m makin’ money and you know we call that revenue
and i really do miss you so i don’t know what to do
my car is now electric like if it was pikachu, yeah

[verse 1]
just chilling with my friends
we not worried ’bout the end
we can’t really be the type to motherf-cking pretend
stop, lemme go, i’m spitting this in a flow
music is my life and you already know
oh my god, i can’t stand this, i’m going way too slow
second verse, i k!ll it
no i didn’t steal it
you know this the realest
probably not the illest
these are true bars and i’m hoping you will feel this
growing up in the ghetto
thinkin’ that i was settled
then you realise that you are left with a pipe made out of metal
too paranoid, so i step on the pedal
i’m feelin’ like i’m trapped in a motherf-cking kettle



[verse 2]