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lirik lagu the fun – playboy manbaby


everything i’m trying gets all messed up in my head
i don’t have patience for a whole new outlook
if i just stay quiet maybe they will die instead
just try not to panic cause they don’t look mad now

angels are all real and they’re telling me i’m dead
maybe i should try and see a psychologist
i don’t have insurance or the money to buy bread
my imagination causes me discomfort

there’s the person that i am and the one i wanna be
can’t tell art from p*rnography
tiny little bullsh*t is a constant source of stress
anything important i just take it lightly

judging other people on the way that they are dressed
i just want a simple way to hate my neighbors
no is entitled to their happiness and yes
i don’t give a f*ck if you don’t think that it’s fair