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lirik lagu 01. my murdered purpose! (prod by the virus and antidote) – pl$killjay


it will never end
yea, yea

(verse 1)
f-ck the ops
f-ck the blood
f-ck them all
they murder my purpose
im a f-ckin k!ll them all
tired of n-ggas
who pretend that they tough
that b-tch give me brain
and now she needs to cough
my flows got you swervin
b-tch im a son of a serpent
son of wh0r-
satan be sayin that im perfect
my demons be lurkin
right under the curtain
b-tch you murdered my purpose x2

(verse 2)
talked to the devil right in h-ll
when i was losing
took the l rewrote myself
now im not bruising
f-ck this world
now n-ggas be pickin and choosing
im always that n-gga that
everyone be using
rather do me its this sh-t i be pursuing
n0body liked me they run
when i be cruising
my n-ggas is on that gas and now
they be ghostin
talked to the pastor
he said my soul isn’t golden

(verse 3)
n-gga you should’ve learned
before you get merked
f-ck around with me and purrp
b-tch i do my worse
you best praise
disect your brain
this is the end of your days
n-ggas will always be the same
with the venom in my veins
dare to cross me
i go insane
f-ck around with me
i bring the pain
p-ssy n-gga its such a shame
that you wanna come at me in this game
move away
move the f-ck back
b-tch i go in and attack
counting bullets
they just stack
im doing sh-t while n-ggas will always lack