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lirik lagu dracula flow 2 – plummcorp records


that p*ssy better stank otherwise i don’t want it
popped a perc 30 got straight to f*cking
that p*ssy dulce
smoking fentanyl laced cereal milk i see god
this sh*t ain’t nothing to me man
that p*ssy got me screamin cryin p*ssin sh*ttin shootin ropes
yeah we getting that pirate bay alien shish kabab cordycep money
i hope them aliens are real so that i have more things to f*ck
smoking the qui gon jin vietnamese phillips head runts
she suck me like a cordless dyson v8
i’m in a k*hole l!cking balloon knot
when i got the meat cannon i bе shooting straight rope
this sh*t ain’t nothing to me man
channel optics got mе seeing sh*t
i need fentanyl slime
i just popped a whole garbanzo bean f*ck you mean
i smoke real emrānī rapscallion ghost nuggets
y’all can’t f*ck with me
i’m him, i been him, i will continue to be him
yellow rubies glistening like p*ss
gulping sea monkeys by the gallon my tummy feel crazy
that coochie yummy slime
that coochie doing it for me slime
they thought they could stop the demon i’m back
the zaza got me speaking esperanto
this sh*t ain’t nothing to me man
we out here cloud seeding, scope gleaming
you can’t trust me i don’t even trust myself
i don’t even know who i am anymore i’m getting too much money
ass so fat i’m peaking off this danny phantom slime
can you remind me who i am
get the president on the phone now i fronted him a brick i need my money
h*llo? blac chyna?

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