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pride month - poisonous official lyrics


[intro: poisonous]
yuh, ay, ay
pp, poison, yuh
uh, wah, wah*wah
yo, yuh, yuh

[chorus: poisonous]
i got homies and they all really g*y
that’s okay because i’m really g*y
it’s pride month and it’s time to be g*y

[verse 1: poisonous]
i just really like being g*y
g*y, yuh, g*y freestyle
i made a song called “g*y freestyle”
where i said how i like dudes f*cking me in the ass

[chorus: poisonous]
i got homies out there and they all really g*y
that’s okay because i’m also g*y
it’s pride month and it’s time to be g*y

[verse 2: poisonous]
i like being g*y
and that’s okay, being g*y
with friends that are g*y
[interlude: poisonous, pp man]
this is the sound of a bag of rice
that’s the sound of a bag of rice
yeah, sound of a bag of rice

[verse 3: pp man]
ay, pp back on the track (track)
i haven’t made a song in a couple minutes so i’m kinda wack (wack)
at flowing (flowing), overgrowing (toenails)
yeah, i’m gonna cut your toenails (yeah)
and i’m gonna push you off a building (building) that’s seven feet tall, yeah (seven feet tall, yeah)
i wanna be the next person to fight jake paul (who the f*ck is jake paul?), what, ay
i don’t know what the f*ck i should say (say)
’cause i don’t like sh*t and everyone’s g*y (i love g*y people)
hooray, i might be g*y (maybe?)
i haven’t explored myself that much yet so i don’t really know (yeah)
yeah, uh, uh, pp on the track (track)
and i’m ready to talk to the people who don’t like my raps (raps)
i f*cking hate you all, f*ck you (you’re all f*cking losers)

[moment of silence for jonathan billard “rich ballock” liviathan]

[outro: poisonous, pp man]
awh (aw, yeah), urghh (oh), aw frick (oh gloob), (yeah, you better take these backshots like you did in that terrible ep) oh my flip, oh, oh gloob, oh (oh), oh my gosh (aaahh), oh glubdacious (what the snorblu), (oh my goodness gracious) awh, ohhh, oowuahhh (oaahhh), (ooh) uuuuuuuurrrrahahaahhh (*aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh)

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