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lirik lagu 4283 – powderburn


it’s all just a lie
just a front that you buy
i question why?
but when i see you cry
and then i laugh till it hurts
and the moon above the earth
hold my arms up high
and i see you
f-ck that guy
i hate you
don’t you try to touch me
with your dirty hands
you f-ckin’ try to rape me
leave i’m tired of bleeding
when i see you smiling
now it’s time to get yours
end this charade
nothing has changed
i still deny your pain
but i open my ears
just to hear the change
think i led you with me
down a world gone mad
who the h-ll do you think
we’ve been laughing at
here is your perfect dream
here is your perfect song
here is your perfect lie
it’s so f-ckin’ wrong
here is the other side
here is your drunk -ss lie
here is the sharpest knife
now go away until you die