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lirik lagu 140 jabs interlude (ft. milo & busdriver) – prefuse 73


[verse 1: milo]
my legs are twitching, i feel finnicky
everybody’s favorite rapper is too f-cking gimmicky
reminding myself i need to read more w-ssily kandinsky
admonish the adsense moneygrubber who lives within me
while demonstrating to my parents that i can earn a living
take 140 powerful jabs to the cheekbone
convert that sensation into a moderately weak poem
i am a laptop that needs to reboot for new software updates
i have ignored my grandmother’s phone calls for 47 days
i have been a poor sport while winning at so many games
i don’t want to be remembered for a motherf-cking thing
google search how to break outta this sartre cycle
and use my middle finger to spread sh-t on far-fetched idols
i don’t want to be remembered for a motherf-cking thing

[verse 2: busdriver]
shao plug
this frayed scruple told the stupid girl
to come, my beakers base neutral
i can’t be remembered, because i’m your precondition
you live in the wake of my dogma like a decent christian
my n-gg- you been lookin like a weary dog
where the drugs outpacin’ your resolve
everything going wrong but you hear applause
fitting the division never been an admin
wanna feed your synonyms to antonyms
when the citizens trickle in with phantom limbs
but n-body gives a f-ck about your outlook
so this revery is so off-putting
like you’re trying to make up for lost footing
long truth are you in the car
phoenix in vicious garb, acting like prison guards
enjoying them, just like you were from legend of zorro
and me and my n-gg-s can’t pistol no sumners up
well he’s a vocal man addressing that corvo

remember me, i’m a motherf-cking fake
come on, she just sound like she’s upset
hey mama come on i’m just rolling up the blunts
don’t remember me for my motherf-cking features

don’t remember me for my motherf-cking fangs
don’t remember me for my motherf-cking things
i’m fed the grits of overdedicated kings
i put some right in the swing
but don’t remember me for a motherf-cking thing