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lirik lagu 100 wassi bars – pressa


presser, presser
free pressy, you doing 20 years
press machine , presser (x5)

[verse 1]
f-ck ball when i’m finest in the trap house
i bought an ounce when i finally use my half ounce
bought some jewels cause a n-gg- just cashed out
you a loner and the trap and don’t p-ss out
i got a youngin’ and wit a (?) don’t worry bout
i got duce still trap around (?) w-ssy feel like lae
w-ssy feel like davis, i got bros and all they say is
“hurry up and blow” all i hear from these og’s
“move wiser” i guess i’m too young bud for a wiser
feds up my -ss so i gotta move wiser, trying tie me up like
itsy bitsy spider, high up northside gotta move south
(?) so i gotta move out, they call me pressa cause
a n-gg- really (pressing) and if they really want we can take it back 07′ , from a crazy block you better die for your necklace, my n-gg-s ain’t with all that f-got -ss wrestling, bad little (?) but we change his name to (?) take it off his neck cause we ain’t into popping, (not done)