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lirik lagu cielo drive – pretty maids


out in the desert summer 1969
a crazy vision in a psychopathic mind
out of the desert rides the devil’s concubines,
to do the devil’s business, helter skelter time

pure evil in disguise
approaching paradise

on through the canyon rides out charlie’s h-ll patrol
the diciples of death are take their toll
the piggies will be slain upon the mountain side.
sharon the angel’s gonna get her wings tonight

and death to innocence
won’t see the sun again

acid intoxicated hippies on a killing spree tonight
the knifes are flashing as the darkness steal away the light
ritual atrocity underneath the california sky
h-ll, tonight
no one left alive on cielo drive

the shocks are spreading through the l.a. hills at dawn
in pain and agony the world is left to mourn

no mercy no remorse
evil has made it’s course