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lirik lagu cereal – ​pri abrol


i think it was a wednesday
my friends were laying on the floor
still smiling from downtown disney
christmas lights hung from the door
i knew she wouldn’t listen to me
but somehow, i always hope for more
and the lights wink at me through the window
but i don’t feel christmas anymore

all i thought about today was you
and every little thing you put me through
everyone that i know has been here
why am i always missing you?
now i’m in the kitchen
and i miss the boy who listened
i wandered away from the movie
somehow i’m holding a bowl
with the way he used to make cerеal

you slip away like he used to
i usеd to sleep on his chest in his room
his family felt like wine
and i miss them all the time

now we’re both getting older
he used to be here when the months got colder
but i don’t see him anymore
i hadn’t thought of that before

and i’d crawl in your lap to fit in your pocket
but he would always sleep with his hand on my locket
and he’d check if my heart was beaten when i was sleeping
you were scared to call me yours
while he held me just to make sure

i wish that he’d admit that he was bruised
i still wear his old school’s sweatshirt
and he wears mine too
i stopped counting the days since i last heard from you
‘cause you could be in the distance
but he’s always in my room
i’ll always see his face when i see snow
you made me so afraid to sing
but he loved every note
i’ll forever hold on to the pieces i knew
like how my laugh has his voice
i hope he held on to mine too
i hope he held on to my few

and on christmas morning we could put them in a bowl
oh, how i regret you
i’d give your memory to sit with him on the floor
i need to apologize
just one more time
with two bowls of cereal