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lirik lagu 1×7 – project 86


one times seven equals heaven traditions
the creations of men religion for
the sake of religion rituals the right of
profession clergies of ranks the files

and lines brainwash the sect for the
mentally blind and now babylon’s got a
new name for those modern disguises
to hide the shame it’s a choice

between god and man undermined by
the heretics hand humanity’s last ditch
try to build a bridge to heaven with
earthly lives brace yourself the saints

die today and protect yourself from
the wrath blinder leading the blinded
indulgence buys the sick minded fallibility
secures the fallacy reinterpret the

facts of history doctrines a pile of
yokes salvation or collars to choke off
the life with infinite ropes to climb
brainwashed to think your face is

worth the time arrogance rich with
sundays that pack the walls with some
idols to spare exalt and isolate acts to
reject the grace that born from the

facts fed with flank insides never
mind the saints that died your foundation’s
been undermined