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lirik lagu 40 years – punch


it’s a world going on outside we ain’t safe from
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh)
staring our my project window

[verse 1]
off my sabbatical, uh, had to get at you, uh
fashionably late, just enough to make you salivate like v-g-n-ls
international travels ain’t change my apparel
all the way that i see the straight and narrow
foolish pride, ego is big as the pharaoh
head in the clouds when shots echo
from [?] to the [?] all the way back to my ghetto
you hear the trappers crescendo
uno momento, get them kids out the window
bullets ain’t got no names and they don’t care who they go into
so my auntie said i felt defensible
like a superhero, it’s as if i never bled
woke up the next morning, heard that [censored] was dead
they shot him twice in his head
moment of silence for this moment of violence
n-gg-s is out here wilding, yeah
sh-ll cases in the sandbox
walls tatted with fragments on top of taggings
rival hoods getting wacked out, combative savages
damaged goods is how they packaged us, yeah
could you ever walk in these shoes?
stroll down the block
40 years plus these streets been on fire
that young man is 14, but hatred is its own desire
bound to the set by blood

[verse 2]
you kill who you know, my homie nate gave me that quote
that’s possibly the truest thing he ever spoke
we done made more n-gg-s ghost from our hood than any other hood
we wanted smoke
this ain’t a rap subliminal jab back and forth
this is hop out the g ride and burn down the front porch
it’s hard to hold the ar properly
when the forces from the torch is jerking your whole body
that mean innocent bodies by standing they dying obviously
it’s ominous
toast to every body that’s trying not to sin in this ungodly society
post traumatic anxiety, the reason why we be ducking sobriety
gotta get high to deal with this rivalry
it’s 40 year civil war we be fighting so profitably the irony
it’s the american way, get yours, get paid
make an example, whoever in the way, spray
but i ain’t no preacher man
i ain’t jumping up and down like a deacon, i’m just thinking man

could you ever walk in these shoes?
stroll down the block
a father, a mentor, a lesson about crescendo
a hustler’s on the view from this project window
got put on the only time he ever seen love
40 years plus these streets been on fire
911 is a joke and the sirens bring riots
unc said, “roll the windows up, n-gg-s is cold”
(roll the windows up)
felt a breeze in his bones
(his bones)
every time the wind blows
bullet holes