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lirik lagu clouds retiring – pure wrath


the time for clouds to retiring, entering the dark hallways
would it be severe thunderstorms, or intense lightning in black?
as i follow the light’s path, i see those puzzling flashes above
i remember when the sky was too tired, to rain me thousands words

smell of the ground so tasty, with shimmering sounds
from the deepest feeling of solitude, i see the cyan goes gray
i realize the sky is ready, to losing light’s magnificence
as memories neglected, ensconced by the stiff and cold

oh this rainy night
remembering me to the past

i stand below the rain, with shadows of her delights
i stand below the night, with sorrowful dead memories
i try to hide my pain, in the middle of the rain
when the gr-ss starts making noises, below the gray that goes black

it’s raining heavily, and the winds blowing fast
this night awfully dark, and my pain thundering inside