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i hate your dreadful harelip - purulent lyrics


my best murder, i feel guilty
she tells me, do not call me, anymore
and i am going to k!ll her
her strong howls
trying to break my eardrums

dishevel her
flogging her body
i want to behead
pull the head
i twist her neck
and then, her body slump on the floor

i only wanted to appall her
i hate her cheeks
because she has pimples
so, i chop her face flesh

i stab her forty times
with a sharpness knife
slashing her lungs there is a liquid
mixеd with her blood
her bl**dy and decomposеd bowels
are bleeding

my dense drivel is dripping
and i am f*gged by this quartering
i hate her dreadful harelip
i pull up by the roots
and from her nostrils spurting blood

it was her blame
i must to oblige her
the rope pressing her flesh
the blood is clothing in her body
her wounds festering
her guts are spreading in the floor
her obesity makes difficult
one brutal gash in her back
her broken jawbone
loathsome act
she is outraged by me
rend her muscles
from her repugnant and rotten body

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