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lirik lagu but davey – pushover


climbing up the walls at night
turning everything around in sight
haven’t slept for days and nights
cause i’ve been thinking of only you
seen your face a thousand times
hear your voice in everything i do
i’m a mess and need out now
i’ve arrested your mind now
all i want is to forget
all this time
i’ve heard all your needs before
when i stop you just need more
i have got to get away
you can’t hide at all
when your thoughts dissolve you
someone stole it all
just cause i won’t let you
did i mean to tell a joke
everything’s a damm joke if you laugh
i’m the one you cannot sink
cause i know you need the time to think
all you want, all you want is more
cause your life is just a f-cking bore
do you want to tell me now
what’s the worst that happens now
can’t you see i’m only one
but i’m many when you’re done
seen it once but done it twice
i hope you’re on your way now
i think i’m ready for a sound
from your mouth