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lirik lagu 1. jungle – pyramid vritra, n01ses


[verse 1: n01ses]
feeling caged in, let that bird free
i’m an angel my flight get higher than some bird wings
my ego ain’t one to talk, i’ll let these verbs ring
and let a n-gg- do his thing, i use this sh-t as listerine
clearing my breath, clearing my chest
in tip-top, i put fear in they flesh, they wanna see me a mess
but if my son is the set, then on the set i’ma rep
puttin’ n-gg-s in the garbage, stab a blade through they neck
all the dusty hoes i used to f-ck with they gon’ hate me
’cause i’m happy and i’m tryna get it right with one lady
and all them lame bustas that was claiming my brother
i got three of them, for real, from my dad and my mother
i don’t need that fake love, just music and flame dubs
enflamed with rage ’cause, the world is still playing us
so why the h-ll i’ma sweat a n-gg- that’s not helping mine?
i gotta get it that’s what i’m saying like all the time
now i understand the box they try to fit you in
the love that they claiming is that hate that they stick you with
one in the same, so i’m one with the game
and as of today, i won’t let ’em f-ck with my brain
a young esco, won’t do it for the city i’m doing it for the special
people riding that’s with me, and that’s the difference between us, because i’m showing off love
and you showing off the money and the hoes that you f-ck
if that’s “life” i won’t partic-p-te with none of that stuff
(none of that stuff)
i couldn’t compare when i’m a diamond surrounded by junk
i feel like shaq when kobe stuck that knife in his gut
(stuck that knife in his gut)
had to switch it all up just to get in the front
now i’m rocking champion rings, doing ambient things
(champion rings)
on my mental is a crown, so i’m really a king
f-ck your d-mn hand-out, i’d rather balance my chi
and shoot everything on sight i see

[verse 2: pyramid vritra]
open like the land, open like the hand
that you held out asking for a hand-out
asking to be set up with it, my n-gg-s with it and gifted
i’m in the kitchen with dishes, the oil popping in heat
like a doggy in heat he hop like a frog on the beat
then he jog on the beat, check activity tracker
we do the same you just was doing it backwards
real life on you actors, live in pictures and scenes
i had carried this weight, but now i carry the place
you are not in this race, i am out of this place
get up out of my face before it get rearranged, silly
i’m out my body in the back of the rave silly
i smoke a joint to get me back to the tame, really
’cause life wild, card playing draw four in the mix
and we mobb in this b-tch, close activity circle
sentence running as i run out of purple, d-mn
keep my irons in the fire ’til they glow jailhouse
no tag-along the beat n-gg- no milhouse
caged in like the first verse
free range like the eggs on the bagel with the flame toast
roll the paper with the gold leaf
really live it for the whole coast with rose gold ropes

unh unh unh unh unh unh woo!