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lirik lagu 1996 – qnp swish


1 9 9 6 oh this the vibe i rock with
if you ain’t from the hood you can’t come inside the party
devil departed i got a pact with yahweh
pardon darling i hit it then i darted

verse 1:
no need for beef but bring the 32 in case
i said there’d be no drama but invited 10 gangs
i’m cool with everybody and they momma
i’m just sipping on my vino met a girl that’s from la right by el pino
three dots insinuate she live the vida loca
should’ve known about her when she left from out my troca
went inside the gas store and asked her if she want something
came back and now my 45 is missing
scott pippen, sidekick to 45 i’m livid
i’m my own star i never cared if you big dipper
you breathe bleed the same as me, you tempted by the weed
grieve when a loved one leave, money gave you greed

hook x4