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lirik lagu jersey – quaddy da vocalist


[hook: quaddy]
she said she from jersey i told her rock her hips (hold) i told her rock her hips (x2)
she said she from jersey,she said she from jersey , she said she from jersey i told her rock her rock her hips (x2)

[verse 1: quaddy]
she said she from jersey i told her rock her hips
got her on that pole now she trynna do a split
i threw a couple dollars she did a couple tricks
now she claim she bout to strip, cuz she heard i was the sh-t so i told her like
get the clapping
lemme see some action
heard you got that bomb, so let me see what you packing
if you trynna roll with a like me
baby i’m the sh-t so i’m guessing you a flea, hold up
973 is what i’m repping’
city of the bricks so no question when you step in
cuz i’m trynna roll up
she bound to show up
now she begging me for some
i just wonder where she from, cuz

[hook: quaddy]

[verse 2; quaddy]
shorty from jersey so let me see you strip
put on for my city man i told you from the rip
i’m about to wild so y’all n-ggas need to dip
y’all don’t wanna see me trip
when i get a little tips
cuz you see my flow is a cl-ssic
i peeped the role like you acting
my city known for some tragic’s we get it in
if you wanna roll with a maverick
you know i’m known for the snapping
i put in work with the rapping
i’m trynna win, ball out
n-gga never sleep watch me fall out
if she twerk i got that work to make her call out
started from the bottom,now her bra out
n-ggas steady hating but they listen what we talking bout
she trynna whisper in my ear
said a few lines than we dipped and disappeared
had her legs up while she shook them in the air
she know quaddy be the bear
so she repping’ like from here, cuz
[hook: quaddy]