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lirik lagu 15 styles of rapping! [2020] – quadeca


[verse 1: lil uzi vert]
i mix my highs with my lows
they can’t handle my flows
your b*tch say i’m incredible
yeah i’m her number 1, i got her kitty
she looking real pretty, i gave her my tentacle
got two bugattis, drive them ’round the city
can’t tell them apart, why i make ’em identical?
they know lil uzi playin’ with their hearts
if my name on the charts, they all say that’s a spectacle, woah
and i know your b*tch is flexible
legs around me like mrs. incredible
i’mma die for my b*tch, she gon’ ride for the d*ck
lemme see how you fit in my schedule
baby pluto, i’m so unprofessional
check my bank account, i got these zeros, all commas
i ain’t got no room for no decimals

[verse 2: 6ix9ine (2020)]

[verse 3: british drake]
when i’m with the mandem, sh*t could get peak, better watch out the window
everything man do, we raising the bar, got these yutes playing limbo
got more chune for a wasteman, i been what’s poppin like jimbo
pengtings in the limo
packs of the loud, pagans tryna tip toe
i’m with my mates drinking tea with milk, but i added in the honey
got more dollars than pounds but your ting weighs more than my money

[verse 4: nf]
i complain, what’s inside my brain is a knife that’ll slice the vein that decides if i live my life in pain
what a price to pay for the ice and chains
but it’s lies and shame
that’s what i’ve been feeling
i don’t want to talk to you, i gotta take time for the healing
and i want you to be quiet!
you’re the only one that’s speaking
and i feel like we’re competing for myself but i’m defeated
i’m depleted like*
why don’t we take some time?
oh you wanna stay? that’s fine!
i don’t have an option that can make you go away this time
okay, i’ll just let you win
you never knocked, i still let you in
now i can’t get you out and you’re gettin’ loud
do you know where the h*ll i’ve been?
just figure it out!
figure it out!
quiet, quiet!
pulling the trigger right now!
gotta figure this out!

[verse 5: religious kanye]
jesus is there for you
jesus is there
i owe all this greatness to the lord
thank him for all the statements i record
every city, every stage that i perform
i remember all the days that i ignored
felt like i was trapped up in the maze, he found the door
yeezy, yeezy sold out they be patient at the store, ha
i can feel the devil tryna invade
can’t get a piece off my name, but they still gon’ say it in vein, ha!

[verse 6: roddy ricch]
you know i can’t leave you there
all of these snakes what i see now
i been ballin’, i got drops with the top
i can’t trust you with the keys now
shorty bad, give her what she never had
i’mma fly her overseas now
presidential nominee now
i’ve been staying hungry ’cause i’m always on their feed now
wait for me
falling in love with the money
b*tch i got class, no study
and she got ass, snow bunny
get that boy a tissue, nose runny
back in the field, don’t miss you go bl**dy
white father, i’mma tell you listen go buddy
pockets really hitting, they be gettin’ so chubby

[verse 7: brockhampton]
wait for me, you wanna go for it
step in the whip, i stop then i floor it
i got the bag, i look like i travel
if they judging me, they getting knocked out with the gavel
with the gavel, uh
yeah i’m a time traveler
k!llin’ time zones, blame me for the massacre
i got so many red flags, i’m an ambassador
they talkin’ sh*t? then it’s a date, get me a calendar
cash in my schedule, that’s the way it is now
i’m isolating, like please get off of my **** now
all these friends gon’ run away
they call, i don’t know what to say
they tell me we should link, i’m like okay
maybe another day

[verse 8: 645ar]
[inaudible high pitched voice, with meme translation]

[verse 9: pop smoke]
i got a lot and more
i might just cop the store
if you say ‘pop’ and forget the smoke, you gettin’ popped for sure
if they want beef, i got the green, b*tch i’m an omnivore
i got the*
models, they on the floor
wait for the*
i got the drip
foreigns and whips
make it storm with the clips
i’m in your hood, i got bodies ’round me, i ain’t tourin’, no sh*t
you got the red dot on your head and we ain’t even recordin’ that sh*t

[verse 10: jack harlow]
shorty wan’ settle the scores
i ain’t no regular force
i’m the way to get to the source
i got an obsession of sorts
that b*tch don’t wanna let go
i won’t say it back, this ain’t a echo
give an sos to your so
out in paris sippin’ my prosecco
everything mind*numbing
i’ve been tryna find something
been a long time coming
i been at the front, they been line cuttin’
b*tch i don’t divide, i’ve been balling in my prime numbers
yeah it’s really feeling like my summer
yeah i’m really feeling all of my hunger
yeah it’s really feeling like the time coming
everybody wantin’ me to sign something

[verse 11: venting drake]
i went to the grocery store and made eye contact with the cashier
i swear she been working here since last year
sometime i think i’ll approach her just for her name
getting all this cash, maybe she can handle all the change
i feel alone in my 57 private jets
my life is anything but private yet
and i’m upset that i’ve become too legendary
it’s getting scary
how quick from october to february, uh

[verse 12: dancehall drake]
you look good how you moving
she know exactly how she should do it
put the top down we cruisin’
i’m with my cougar b*tch named susan
you look like my cougar b*tch named susan
we could really go on for a long while
we could hold it strong for a long mile
i don’t want to reconcile with you
keep on sayin’ never mind to you
no, no*no, no, no, no*no, no, no, no*no

[verse 13: eminem (2020)]
they so toxic
and their hair look like rainbow vomit
and they know when they post the same clothes
the game goes insane so, stop it
but i’m back to fight
to me it’s black and white, but i ain’t no logic
k!ll a rapper with the slip of a tongue, lift of a lung
how do i remain so cautious?
i don’t know it’s time to go to idaho
and find a hoe to ride it slow and tie me to a pole
i’m really vibin’, that’s my kind of show
i didn’t read her titties but i signed them though
i leave a rapper up in ashes looking like a miner though
your songs are really happy, they the ones that all the minors know
i’m gettin’ to the top then i’mma hit ’em with the adios
i made a couple milli and i did it with the audio
i got it all like b*tch i really did it so i gotta go

[verse 14: new earl sweatshirt]
retrace my f*ckin’ steps, i think i need some time
my seat recline, reaching on my knees to seek divine
and realize my mind got an all*seeing eyepatch on my forehead
more bread, more than what you got on your end
but more importantly, i feel remorse to the fourth degree
and it course through me
when it rains it pours
spongebob, i’m as absorbent as he
but he don’t feel the same torment as me
and if
if we were to share a pizza, you wouldn’t get the same proportion as me

[verse 15: quadeca (2020)]
*cricket noises*