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lirik lagu 30,000 word rap song (world record) – quadeca


yeah, ayy, ayy

[verse 1]
30,000 words in a rap, that’s a first, and, in fact, that’s the most in the world on a track
yeah, i’ve been searching a map for, like, any other person who could work it like that
do it perfectly slow and then perfectly fast, and i’m the only one out here, and i’m certain of that
play me a beat it gets turned into ash
if i play you a beat it gets turned into trash
ayy hold up wait, when i’m on the track i make no mistakes
i can do the sh-t for like thirty thousand hours
f-ck thirty thousand words i don’t slow my breaks
i go uk
then i make so many pounds everybody think i’m overweight
getting bread, see me eating
but i gotta go in better hold my plate, oh, oh
gotta switch up i’m so godly i’m the
bishop now these haters wanna link up my bars make them get the hiccups oh i had
to run it up real quick freestyle gotta
do some real sh-t real quick
everything i do is real big cuz i gotta
get a credit dear this real lit real sh-t
nowadays they write me another write it
back see my future demons like it’s a psychopath
like you’re gonna suck man so i’m
driving down the road and i mighty crash
through the – always moving to know
where to find ya hey
moving on gotta find a team or no my
stripes like a middle but i’m blind
means all these drivers about to get
laid there by the readout we keep so
required i am -ssigned seats pioneer to
the sh-t leif eriksson i was even hunted
2012 lame jail in these places got me
season d declared to nutella fall off
next year imma be airing it run a little
sh-t running ducky in another coming
down for a hundred bucks and i start all
i wanted was like big dozen hits couple
couple zeros for the sh-t’s why not look
what i got look what i bought cameras my
true eye on the side cause issues they
go too high only high tops f-ck yeah i’m
the new guy with a my on and company
smith i’m a motherf-cking icon boy too
cold i don’t even on my ice on too late
i don’t even have the mic on it up to
break out and even the lights on better
way – it’s too easy like a layup and my
fists – entertainers see – no you got to
stay up taking bets on that i’ll fail
it’s time to pay up now you’re trying to
hide your face i’m pretty sure that they
make a i’ll drop a head to get a world
record she’s your favorite artist cuz
i’m sure better well maybe not but i
tried though post malone i go psycho
leave you a stink like a rhino cuz i rat
be no gyro and i ride fast and our prime
slowed two miles in the w’s tight boat
hop into the track give you the lovin’
you give it right back
ten different flows i’d be spitting some
tripe and some other sh-t get in its get
on a man who done this for like a year
number brite is clear how they can i
respect as that i’m here and i’m here to
stay did you hear me say i’m not here to
play he got a flow on a voice now i
remember when he choking a boy out but
he’s back in show no choice now don’t
you know that he’s gonna destroy now so
i’m gonna get there and i know how to
cut his beat i’ll be blaring so loud
we’ll be talking about b-tches and money
this sh-t is so funny my parents are so proud, d-mn
i’m starting to try trying the shots at
it look at the grind and see stars on
the sky drawing the line all the you right
beside is here i can see the stars in
your eyes you’re probably high if you
think that you’ve compared to me it must
be part of the lines copying guys you
better send all those b through the
future like marty mcfly 30,000 words on
a try little b-tch now these people tell
my bit on every yak little b-tch n0body
gotta cut it got a stats little b-tch
you giving me a headache where the advil
b-tch but i’m doing all the can and i
did it in the past tense making all this
money up for youtube walk me adsense
money off for you to buy ad says oh
you’re right but the fact i’m a rat then
and i rap huh i’m a laptop
eminem holds the world record for rap god
1.6 k words though we already have that topped
and we’ll do it for another hour
underrated and i’m under powered my
bars are so filthy
oh y’all need to take another shower for
every fan is a hundred doubters and they
let me know up in the comments but you
know that we ain’t done ’cause i gotta top
my nonsense and i gotta keep it clean do
exactly what my mom says and i know what
i headed for the top baby still we make
a progress i can spit bars for nine
months then deliver you a new life yeah
we eating in this b-tch, oh, y’all better
take a huge bite and i didn’t even write
the sh-t cuz i freestyle you still like
the sh-t
see my video press like on it that
subscribe b-tton better wipe that sh-t
i’m getting tired of this beat
i think it’s time to change it
cuz i spaz on trap
old school boom-bap you name it
think of that as an intro now we get
into the meat of it did some sh-t you didn’t see coming
i don’t give a f-ck about what you think of it
hey, hey, switch up, yeah, hey, hey, hey, look
out the window see pastor but with fainter reflections
you never laugh like you
used to you got feiner expressions you
headed down the wrong path innate
changing the races maybe don’t mention
about how i made me a blessing and
lately i question this sh-t that was
taught to me i’m awkwardly stopping
these conversations hey
how long do wait until the day you wake
up and thank god you made it i don’t
like to dwell but man i gotta say it
don’t let my sons but you still gotta
play it don’t like your road to send up
but you wait dr. dre stop contemplating
and stop complaining it recreated
actually don’t recreate it be creative
reach the place where you still vibe in
that sh-t when we replay it live in
a life of pain just to alleviate it
when you have it use nothing but
distractions to really take it yeah
maybe those change when they see we made
it we had it all the new platforms and
leaving the basics ah my creative
process is making progress despite my
background i haven’t gone to play in
lacrosse yet don’t you know we got a
good thing going i been watching all
these shows while i could be showing
i’ve been creeping up on the doors so
dangerous you looking at statistics
while i figure how i’m changing them
i don’t learn so many things in my past
life now i don’t give a single sh-t
about the rap life that’s nice ain’t it
that’s nice to be given advice when i
paint a head twice much the same and i
can’t even comprehend that much in a
future hey it in the teacher but you
love in the tutor and to the game i’m a
f-cking intruder stealing these clothes
man i’m stuck as a loser procrastinating
cuz my f-cking computer no willpower i’m
just stuck as a loser sitting alone at
3:00 a.m. chillin on a late night is the
weekdays friend man this sh-t is too
wild i must behave ben that’s what the
teachers are preaching to me but even
when i’m on the top of this drop in the
rock in the world with confidence
accomplishments toppling everyone ad
you try stop it obviously the problem is
solving it just ain’t up to me luckily
i’ve been trained to test the system
don’t you f-ck with me i hope you like
my company i hope you do appreciate it
i hope that one day you’ll see we made
it no you cannot recreate it although
this pain is just alleviate err i’m just
trying to find a mindset running to be
the greatest that is why i’m striving
living trying i’m fine i’m giving
dignity crying i’m winning but feel like
dying i’m shining i’m like a diamond but
i’m dead
inside gets a novel best partic-p-nt set
it on my big mind and i’m in time
working on my life get that in line i’m
trying to figure out everyone get their
pictures out n0body’s gonna live without
this sh-t on the incline i’m on an
incline i’m on an incline stay in your
lane you got your place and i’m in mine
i’m on an incline b-tch i’m on that
incline n0body can really understand how
much thick climb have i been living yet
spending time on the internet i’m
wasting a hit in it i should be making
the aiming for girls but taking this
sh-t instead i stay in bed laughing a
stupid sh-t ludicrous who is this
tangible pendant with two new kids why
am i doing this why the f-ck do i care i
don’t but i kinda do i don’t know what i
tried to do but whatever it is to say
bye to you hey me i lie to you don’t
realize well it’s time you do you have
no idea what i can do when the skies are
gray you gotta find a blue you gotta try
to do tell them to put you into a new
positive mindset set headlights go break
lines kind of deadlines leave lines dead
i guess that i digress aside i just the way i am blessed impressed after i
impress you seem intent for what i said
but i’m just gonna move on get your
groove on for my new song do write and
you too wrong at a big head jimmy
neutron you try to hate we’re getting in
line just to live with some quick ride
some straight bugs we’ve came far but
we’re looking up on an incline wanna
break i got a lot to say it’s been 11
minutes so far i see hasn’t been shorter
can i have a believable man when i live
in a paradise living a luxury n0body
seen it’ll great but what if it’s
different i mean it’s -ssuming there
being this any conceivable dreaming and
it was so unbelievable being he’s
sucking this river and achievable
feeling they’re giving me something that
ended up leaving they giving me nothing
i ended up ripping apart inside ended up
seeing what life could be like from a
different leading thank god for covers
on so i don’t want to wear it to cross
it all over the place i’m surprised i
haven’t lost it yeah hey and i’m feeling
like i’m at the top i’m living to the
max now yeah that’s how when i’ma say it
that loud i’m stepping up i never back
down more focus on my background in the
music and how my rap sound speak up cut
the track down go to the end it on back
out stuck in the try figure that out
after i’ll do the math now it’s garbage
take the trash out but i’m trying to
stay till i p-ss out back out okay it’s
time to go faster sit back and relax and
just maybe you’ll get it about number
maybe your matter said it you can pay
attention he catch your credit i had to
let it go back to taking out some layers
in the past that i had to edit never
back in the middle of the track up let
it mix it up and a few songs but now
forget it we moved on my pastor agent
want you to come back and p-ss a message
every fact tags and trash you’re left to
cover sucks and sometimes you have to
edit money you tella am proud i spent it
if i ever have told you i’m a dementia
if you ever feel bad too sad too sad to
think back to the track in the rap that
banded yeah pretty ugly some cousin it
fit this time atop of maybe need to
television full of little bit amiga tell
that i ended this voice and more
powerful than a million instrument study
there was going to look at somebody else
do you want me to go buddy cut see but
i’m never gonna lever mind esther be
better than the people that never had
trusted me yeah and i’m feeling like i’m
at the top yeah live into the match now
yeah that’s how when i’ma say it that
loud i’m stepping up never back down
won’t focus on my background in the
music and how my brat sounds speak up
and a messing with the track now people
are telling me that i’m falling short
looking back at you when you’re missing
all the cash now and i’m mad at the fact
that i’m not in my right mind meant to
be a half
they keep on saying though the wrong
words at a right time look into yourself
you never know what you might finally
get this guy in the middle of the night
time i find so much safe i wonder why i
can’t just find mine he’s got so many
confusing questions it’s over solid i
can’t use the lessons i’m emerging now
with the new profession i’ma do the best
for my new perfection and i’m doing it
i’m moving on to this future sh-t these
hooligans i can pictures of it they just
don’t understand that i am through with
it improving their i’m improving it i
got my brain and i’m using it and i’ma
make it out alive when i playing they’re
taking and making it’s catching i’m
tearing these tools to bits you’re
clueless 90 percent of y’all ignorant keeping
your mind just a limited get off your
hands because it is time to figure it
out see me so close i can picture right
now success of my drinking i’m sipping
and now and vision and deeper and
b-tches and now my getaway that is a
limit about god huh my voice is going
already sh-t i hey, hey, hey
think i’ve got a consensus being lost in
the trenches adolescent lessons
expressing cause job as attempt us
making it hard to stay alive was so easy
to die making you hang your head low
p-ss a reach for the skies life is a
walking contradiction i see it through
its lies and i’m just trying to tell the
stories i’ve seen through its eyes i
feel enforcing it feed enough reasons to
cry but though this fake deep bullsh-t
i’m too eager to try yeah everybody
sending blessings in need of reply
trying to sell their own tears for they
bleed any try f-cking demons aside i’m
in need of the wide so i can summarize
my life to my breathing inside like oh
well i could say that i tried hopped in
the life and then i stayed for the fight
so many beautiful faces but they bacon
inside and i’m just patiently waiting
for the dead decide d-mn this reminds me
of days when i drive in a lay i’m
screaming hide to the sky with the smile
on my face now i’m hiding my face i keep
trying to trace all little steps that i
take in to find i’m a place just down to
ocean so lonely ways you’re like an
embrace and now
mike leggett said of the prophet i used
to be an atheist but that turned the
agnostic recently i’ve been wonderin’ if
i f-cking lost it you see my friends
from kindergarten go to rehab that’s the
type of sh-t that makes you think back
to simpler times blissfully ignorant
minds before reality could proudest we
would live in the skies and nasa and as
a kid i never thought i’d be being like
this man as a kid i never thought this
would even exist
i felt elusive intangible des steam in
the mist and now i’m waking up feeling i
and even this sh-t you’ve only look at
what you got what you see that it’s lost
and life’s your gradual for me to
believe in my sauce don’t understand
rappers bragging i got that paper on me
man i got kids and schools are doing
presentations on me so what the f-ck you
believe that you try to take that from
me to me i’ll take that over bullies and
making some money
rayna sonny i’ma do this every day i’ll
study and write these lyrics ’til my
brain is fuzzy d-mn like ty lee created
to read such as capital lies these
romans halle on my heads with the
capital eyes there’s a natural high i’d
seen it coming from a farm stop baby
surprise but i ain’t madison scotty i
wrote this album so much hash and i
actually cried
they say ’cause i was never trapped in my
is a lie they said ’cause i my awkward kid
i’m invalid as dj khaled son received
for the platinum plaque for being alive
do i have for my album it wasn’t good
enough sh-t i mean it still isn’t good
enough i’m like an active volcano i know
i could’ve rub but i guess i am not full
enough d-mn i swear the higher you get
that’s the lower you feel man that’s
what sh-t you gotta do or you won’t get
a deal i mean that’s what street you
gotta prove so they know that it’s real
30 seconds to listen and thinking you
know how i feel ya say there’s some
motherf-cking thesis statement yeah
came a long way i cannot be complacent
every day i wake up stress they have to
be the greatest and if not an answer dad
truly feel up wasted most of the
pressure on my shoulders is coming from
me so when i die no one like this was
something to leave so when i wake up in
the morning with something to see yeah i
got so much said that i’m wanting to be
benny ben benjamin selena gomez i said
if you’re ready come get it then
everyone is jealous man you wanna get
friends with them just in case he is but
i think our iphone camera lenses to let
the instagram evidence yeah i know i’m
way too c-cky but i’m working on
figuring it all out so when people say
you can’t that makes you wanna get
better that’s benefit of the doubt
on the top but is never dropping the
bottom its opposite fun deposit have
gone from talking often and i’m logged
in a pocket of all my jostling keep
turning around always stopping my song
says they keep burning the sound i’m late
yup this is freedom of speech trying to
murder all the people who’d be keeping a
piece it sacrifice your whole life coz
you need a degree opportunity in front
of you, you need to achieve i’m like nah
i’m just trying to find some clarity
apparently it all has to do with
popularity there will be obstacles
primarily people blind into what is
carefully being prepared for me
sometimes we’ll have 11e paid for the in
prosperity i’m asking hillary clinton to
marry me too powerful in the very least
giving you all of my money but never see
legacy every day than i meant to see
everyone here is impaired so scary and
medicine but i know enemy cuz i go
walking away – block and what sapna k
shot in the face gun loggin’ loaded them
off at the race drop in the face officer
place brought in a way predict you what
i will probably say and at the end of
the day still talking a mesa obviously
let the audience say so let me explain
this to to those who came in looking at
the state to see an awakened thing these
famous when they don’t understand that i
take race and i make his from basic
playlist to the greatest than the team
in the nation be patient was waiting for
me to break in re-energize the lyrics to
memorize start an enterprise a better
guide so can i be successful and never
try that’s my dream job being lazy just
sitting with the tv on they say that i’m
right like me on ba i ain’t taking
responsibility pay me for having
with little humidity but whatever i’m
doing it seems to be k!lling me i’m a
willingly artistically fitting into this
history trying to show you one better
but none of you believe me trying to win
this go and try hard good game gg you
beat me and now you see me in 3d but you
can’t feel me showing up on your device
control option d lee consider me part of
heatley measure myself from retweets
i’ll be talking away more chill so you
can reach me instead of pretending you
understand what i’m talking about i’m
sipping you kind of scared for like a
haunted house trying to show you
something instead of just sitting on the
couch i’ll be honest now i rarely end up
walking now into reality getting allowed
to be actually a high belief by myself
doing nothing you don’t laugh at me why
cuz ideally you would do the same thing
nothing cos for a brain that is amazing
it’s now complaining but the best part
of life is not even living it love
sleeping and just using it and never
much time is limited and i better figure
this perform slipping this opportunity
on my fingertips now let me just tell
you what i came to do trying to show you
why can rap as fast as i’m able to
trying to show you why can hop in here
like a kangaroo and say some stupid
metaphors and leave out there i’m
breaking through and if a major record
label is looking at me i’m a nice guy
with bad t–th got a nice id for bad
beats i can’t use ride fast their raps
slow i may make mistakes but everyone
has so i’m like mj back when he had the
afro oh so i’m not black so maybe not
but before everyone gets angry stop i’m
that person they’re people naturally
heymy blood all the people who keep on
going crazy off because i won’t be
making amazing songs in a mainstream car
a lot of prominent features i’m a
confident speaker with some dominant
teachers i deserve to be a starter but
constantly on the bleachers i’m awfully
smaller cheaper when i’m up on a spot
and eager baby fearing this every time
that they hear and it don’t know that my
lyrics had a precision of building a
pyramid so when you live in this please
let me know when i’m standing here
frozen please let it go hit metronome

[verse 2]
combine the compilation to unlock
superstardom and move all across the
nation but that it’s just a dream and
probably a combination of a big ego and
false encouragement on the way in but
when i’m playing it just know it’s all a
big game i’m just trying to blow up and
have a big name but when you think about
it it is all insane working be created
from chemicals in this brain but when
you look at me a lack of respect when
i’m cracking my neck so that i can rap
to my chest cousin of bread some say
that it’s magic i step until i’m on the
same stage that you have it again but so
when you think about the hall of fame
you think about a people used to sit and
call your name and you check and wonder
if it will be artists a step back into
reality it all remains d-mn alright i
just spilled water on my computer right
now on my computers breaking while i’m
doing this thirty thousand words sh-t
godd-mn it
my lyrics are not showing up on a swing
you know when
what i mean this is off the top i don’t
need to use no machines hold up i know i
can freestyle but i can’t do it forever
but i am very clever okay
okay i’m gonna take a drink if you’re
watching this take a drink – these are
some sh-t that you can drink – but drink
water unless you’re of age you know what
i’m saying hey okay okay hey i feel like
i’m way too different ridiculous most of
humanity’s made of idiots i barely even
get myself and you thinking you
understand you think i to be highly
screen gives you the upper hand please
what i do is barely poetry this hope for
me i’m noticing people starting to
notice me but still consider me
confidence then consider me ready and
giving out all my flawlessness bye
honestly all of this is haunting me
probably it is just a sense of myself
wobble and toppling into awfully small
pieces normally all leaving is tragic
and kn-bs leading it follows me all
evening it’s calling my name it
constantly makes it so hard to stay away
i close my eyes i let it go and it all
fades away yeah we’re just trying to
find a great escape to get away from how
we live in life day to day some people
fight it in a drink or in a cup or in
some bling or branded drug or any things
that give us love but all i know is that
it’s tough and all i know is that the
stuff isn’t enough is way too much i’m
showing you like this dictator man what
i gotta do to make this quick paper
these kid haters are like 10 years open
still claim to be big players that sh-t
will make me go but i’m aiming
um and lo got amazing bronze in a crazy
flow when i may be live but i came to
show what i can do when i get on a mic
and i’m keeping it moving you sit in the
hype and i’m seeing it the one success
inside i don’t take it for granted but
blood to this life selling a romper
getting a right like 2:00 a.m. in my
head in the lake head of the bedroom i’m
living the rest of my golf the bedding
and i get in there like i’ll be living
in first cl-ss
i know the chena but will surp-ss gonna
know worst half for this burn trash
whenever i work fast
remember the members they sent in and
said and again and again and they never
will ended si de splendor but never but
legend and every cent as i say is
perfected take a deep breath cuz i need
that most y’all don’t even care what i’m
saying you really just like our speed
fast my bars are met i got metal bars
with meta eights and metaphors you want
better chords and better cars but you
don’t know what i’m heading towards say
that i am the king of the sh-t crazy
bronze ain’t thinking today some singing
and rapping and making it happen and
make you laugh while i’m bringing it
sh-t trying to find the other way but
y’all just waiting for another day cuz
what other 14 year old i hit a 100k i’m
making the most of a crazier flow so
many ways i can go i’m taking a ton of
you chillin and staying at home i’m
willing to make it my own
i’m baking my kicky you know that i’m
eating it even and staying up late is
the need a bit reason to stay in the
same i just leonid leaving my life while
i’m seen dc this which really these
people and feeling retreats in a fire
i’m hittin’ it pleasing these liars and
peter so never received and agreeing to
be on the lip and i’m leading it play so
dope i think it’s time that we take a
break we go make mistakes and pay some
here i got it always here to save the
day cuz i am on top of it locked on my
thoughts and i gotta be stopped in their
balcony get on my flow and so dominant
positive confident full of accordions
compliments all the ds office is born as
f-ck no i am not a part of them start a
new person to church and i gotta be
shuttered its artists aren’t and man
when i’m starting it breaking the deck
like cartilage folks are crazy and up
and you know what i know that you hate
to admit it but really the sh-t and the
business variety targeted under
you don’t know what’s coming i’m coming
right up in your pin shutter b-tton i
funder be part of a little of something
called living i guess in the art of it i
try to go slow but it don’t work getting
better and i don’t hurt her you think
i’m dead you’re so sure you saw dnr
kosher it slave to the corpse and owners
this is like and love call it shrek like
the ogre huh b-tch i’ve had enough and
i’m sorry i’m mad enough forgetting to
wrestle intent and success and i look at
the numbers i add them up my chart is
like a parabola thank you a lot for
having us and so every day i take one
step up man i’m taking a ladder bub
honey cake he get the plague looking for
and i had it back remember what i have
said is that we ain’t giving up remember
that hit me up when you jump whining
i’ll hit you up when i’m done ronnie
listen up cuz i’m combining all my
sk!lls are no one find everyone grind it
you know we do we gotta show that we’re
going through this larry scope over you
you don’t listen so you don’t know it’s
true cuz we in you know we’ve done it
eight thousands that we hunted shout out
to be died and momo and three others
should i consider them brothers should i
consider you all of my families shutters
do those who will stand with me even my
older the others abandon me yeah drama
we move past that and i will look at you
with the last laugh better track down
our breath fast so many sk!lls in my
backpack started off so terribly now
only these people compared to me at the
past i never antic-p-ted what there
would be and see you so long now after
the end of the song now see you next
time five hundred and a million it’s on
now it’s on now
oh sh-t i’m almost out of water this is
a hard disc real challenge it’s like
physically difficult
hey when i woke up in the scene i hear
raw orchestra and everybody telling me i
don’t perform enough
my math teacher told me that i never be
sh-t and now i’m search more than their
quadratic formula i got the formula i
got the formula you got the sauce but
godd-mn i got a formula a people always
asking ben why you record so much i got
a fry-up for these rappers quick like
order up formula like i missed the crash
i changed and transform it up you stuck
in the past
yeah our supreme guard goes to my
science lab first to write the song cuz
i don’t like to brag and now tie myself
up like a nike mags people let it
criticize me for the life i had
they make it bout white in black like a
michael jack i make these haters looking
fuse like -ss dora
as summer swiper brat hey b-tch doesn’t
freak i got it on me now they copy down
like a walkie-talkie and i’m feeling
like i really wanna stop me trying to
pull my paper like it’s over gum you
want to justify your hit they call me
c-cky and i am who’s it gonna call me
papi trying to tell you the karate on my
fashion sheet up and a lot of copies a
still saying who woulda thought like
what it guest: it having lifted weights
in two years but somehow voice placing
if you really want to find an answer to
your question here we should look by the
secret to the side motherf-cker better
go find a cookbook
hey they die to f-ck away the dream
looking to the stars for some money and
a scheme yeah looking at the cars or the
hundreds and the grand serpents told you
know when it’s like nothing’s as it
seems god d-mn i guess i really thought
he was the man i guess i really thought
he had some fans but that sh-t is all a
sham all that catchy starters from a
all the views he got was from some spam
i’ve been living like man why he been
what he can’t why he’s just sticking to
the plan how has he been living with no
limits getting meetings by the minutes i
don’t get it i don’t really understand
i’ve been living like d-mn he ain’t
getting money by the gram i’ll do better
if i study my exams do i really wanna
stand next to all these average f-cking
sad does so i hate this motherf-cker
with a dream cuz he has one yeah
hey to motherf-cker with it dream cuz he
has one hey just because you gave up
doesn’t mean i’m a backup i feel like
all my good times get replaced by the
bell once and so they had a muhf-cka
with a dream cuz ii cuz i’ve been living
his patch and i’m in to sit and imagine
i got a picture my life and she listened
to that you’ve really been digging my
tracking i’m liver snap
that’s inevitable now i’m gonna written
on down i make any minimal way to the
further reason i’m needing to figure
this out how did i get to the stage i
don’t want to get up and stage to the
sh-t every day and i won’t give up
whatever they say let them oppress her
away but i just can’t shoot my shot got
a bad gun so i hate this motherf-cker
with a dream cuz he has won by now if
you’re still watching this sh-t you are
a bochy you deserves some plants for the
sh-t but we’re over we’re done though am
i taking a break
are you dumb bro well we near and tank
hey but i’d still need 30k well you sit
around i will rather work than play
lyrics go through your dome through your
vertebrae hit you back and forth till
you end up at the pearly gates now that
she pretty good boy
that’s wrote alec right it’s had gonna
go before it before this hey you know
just to have some throw stuff in
sometimes i don’t know what to think
sometimes i don’t know what’ll make it
okay it make it okay i’m stubborn oh
they dreams yeah
hey i wake up on the ridge and my mind
is wandering all these opportunities
let’s wandered in my oxygen all
accomplishments left harder than my lack
of confidence often it’s the result of
falling under consciousness you make
babies cry i make crazy lives you’re
just angry cause you’re living in a
fading light and i’ve been feeling this
energy feeling that somebody’s getting a
penalty fever and i’m under you end up
ahead of me feeling that this is the
enemy huh will i tell you no never
i think i’m so clever but in the grand
scheme of things i know that i’m no
better but i don’t ever wanna go to show
just one mole
ramaa go-getter i go get a’s and get
crazy and get aids and wake up and get
c’s but get paid oh my life is so
unusual to most it isn’t suitable to me
is irrefutable can see me in a cubicle i
rather watch my funeral i rather go back
to stab my own brains out back in utero
uh but you know that i’m capable you
know i’m a pounce at any chance that is
available feeling so unique and i think
it’s not explainable no one hears my
lyrics and says omg relatable no that’s
not what i’m here to give been waited
years for this year about to experience
something that i’ve spent time money and
thought on learned about all the times
money had thought wrong kind of funding
it’s long gone but time is crummy and on
long i
i’m not calm not by a long shot out on
the inside see me on the outside i
always think i’m positive and never see
the downsides it’s about time you know
the truth you couldn’t be further from
it get your head out your own -ss you
couldn’t be further up it okay, okay, okay
we’re like 30 minutes in 30 minutes but
we got thirty thousand bro f-ck yeah i’m
the kid in the equation b-tch you better
be where i’m like the e that equals all
other mc squared i’m just me performing
in front of empty chairs but y’all see
so only y’all better get prepared i got
so much opportunity i gotta make the
most of issues made of the banana peels
i feel like i’m supposed to slip man and
it’s like the old climbing and stable
lad is it’s not about it goes faster but
it’s out the man will hold this grip
d-mn i got a crazy -ss work ethic
blocked out south east and west leave in
one direction i finished my album and
people saying they love and they f-ck
with it but i took it down and redid it
to perfection we go students a rap but
we don’t learn lessons like an eskimos
jacket or than be furred yeah one
f-ckin’ unstarted like really bad again i
didn’t even had to ask for me to get her
bless and that’s a horrible bar you
can’t stand me cuz i crossed them up
their ankles her in yeah uh, yeah, yeah
i’m an amazing person i base my
motivation on my favorite angels words
about how i’m gonna make again a famous
man attains a certain you keep it
standards low i keep my standards high i
wanna get on in the action like the
prizes camera guy can’t and i’m f-cking
insane sometimes i fantasize when it
would be like to be normal if i this
randomized and -n-lyze my situations
leaving people paralyzed and take a step
out of bed hit me while i’m in my
paradise america’s very nice but i like
to see the world but i like to get out
into the open and meet my girl and a
mercedes benz with this lady friends
crazy ben is just chilling with them
with me you know they’d be tense they’d
be tense or more they’d be tense or more
i like to talk to all these people cuz
they marvel at my metaphors it’s free
speech i can say what i want
but these listening are trying to make
me pay for my time they don’t like what
i’m doing they don’t appreciate the
banter i get it get jealous but listen
cuz i’m the answer
motherf-cker i’m i live for the right
time f-ck that
i’ma live for the moment sitting here in
the middle by the night time my mind
puzzle with the thoughts that be flowing
down i’ve been living in a headache
b-tches never listening it saying that
they ready but i can never believe them
got these girls and they can never
achieve them how can your dreams come
true if you ain’t one
d-mn that’s a lot of sh-t to take about
suddenly company starts to come to me
wonder bring what i’m doing my next i
feel it like that sh-t i gotta pick a
route mason pitts i gotta get him out
cut his dreams h-ll i’m living now in my
mind’s eye given out lots of songs with
responses that i never pictured wow d-mn
this beast way too holy to rap over
mental block my minds capacities that’s
love with your raps lower they lack
closer they lack substance like a
printer without tony y’all filling pages
that have nothing oh but i have got
something to tell you i ain’t got some
money or bullsh-t to sell you speaking
from late nights i’m thinking the
drake’s like watching these inner who’s
thinking one day i might be on that
stage right beside all these players
sh-t’s up to me i won’t hide it in
prayers i’ll prove it in the music i
used to influence i do this to wait
harder than people -ssuming resume in my
writing if you win this lighting that
puts me to be in the view of the height
and i do what they like and but that
makes them hate me no matter what i do
they just mistake the reason i’m flowing
the reason i start up not just for the
fame and the money this dumb person
d-mn i talking about the carpet place
most to these rappers only bright this
sh-t using copy/paste i’d have made a
lot of songs that go to waste i just
need a homerun i already loaded b-ss is
i have got so many cases been visiting
live in in so many places experiences
that i made me
– emmy then be and please i hope you let
me be me i ain’t greedy or needy believe
me i just want to be on your tv get on
my level cuz i need a new staircase down
yeah i’ve been looking at this face then
one day i’ll be there i know what i’m
doing when i’m already prepared i’ve
been waiting like dirty dozen tears
trying to make the world listen so make
sure that you can hear i’m trying to
take a p-ssion out of turning my career
i’m concerned without my fear but i’m
hurting and i’m here now earned it and
i’m here to stay i’m coming in you’re
trying to clear the way another chance
another f-cking here to play not even
1718 i’m so near to fame not really look
at all the sh-t i just here to stay look
at the future nostalgically i cure every
disease and y’all still wouldn’t be
proud of me and doubtedly know how to be
what i am about to be to say that money
talks and that sh-t seems so d-mn loud
to me recently i have been feeling
alienated my songs out of this world
people claim that aliens made i’m a baby
i’m crazy don’t hate me don’t hate me
cuz i’m different but hate me because
you hate me then maybe we can live with
that people say that this is the biggest
thing to hop on the screen all will
scream overreacting like it’s a trauma
scene y’all are meanest is the best
quality is honesty promise me that it’s
the reality where’s keanu reeves trapped
in a matrix it’s how i felt some time
back in their ages and i rap on a stage
does it now elapsed those days are now
moving on move on why you lose the song
look for long nothing to see here except
some stupid pause, boo boo, ka-bam this whole
place up with one great lung one great
that one great one on vacation i vacate
to a location far away from where people
just may run a light to go to where
there is no one no one no fun osa i’m
trying to be me and so young i can
murder this beat with no gun go one i’ve
too many problems to handle here
hold one i just wander the rat boat but
that ship has no sons and our puns can
make loud junk
uptown funk was a great song catchy at
first but the radio station playing and
making it just get to the boys my head’s
gonna burst if i hear it again and i’m
sure i’ll stall my speakers on the
ground denting the earth and now i’m
adding this verse and i mean it now that
ain’t gotta span just keeps on bleeding
yeah good rappers never get to see the
light of day but when you sell it s-xing
and gimmick the sign in right away
i’ll obey now whatever man what is this
i’m read as a fence and a mess and i
playing my trike so that people will
know i’m a business n0body witness
anything better than when i am showing
you did she know i’m suspicious because
i’ll be flowing and going like oh this
kid is big no i live it gonna mission
y’all better listen ’til i’m ahead of
this sh-t by all of the inches yeah and
when i uh i’m telling y’all that i got
it star regarded noise we stopped the
glory coppers forming an auditory now
visually typically the original me so
unforgivable so inexplicable obvious and
pinnacle digitally d-mn that was fast
felt so gentle i unpacked and i’m just
trying to prove to you the things that i
can move on the track and i’m trying to
get a record deal never ever felt so
real whenever we’re the guests to feel
whenever this gets to feel so different
and i’m loving
time to change the discovery time to
make a difference and i’m living it so
i’m up for it i always talk to my mother
kids their mother kids couldn’t
understand me one path making a nun
ain’t gonna stop for plan b i wrote that
one a long time ago that was the first
time i look i looked at those again but
you know i started note that rusty not
that rusty i’m actually cl-ssic we just
living in a solar system one big world
here to hold the visit them
one big dare to control the victims
we’re all here trying to find a soul and
rhythm and a voice or writing a choice
decided whether or not to follow what
the boys are like and what the girls are
doing or what we got it’d be exposed to
think about who you are and it’s so true
think about the people who you think i
really know you do they really know you
do you even know you damage it is like a
jaden smith tweet sometimes you gotta
stand out crazy sh-t b and lately it
seems to make the extreme so prominent
and dominant and making big dreams
i’m seeing a legion screamed when i go
to sleep man my brain is fixing no i’m
just trying to make it a life f-ck you
to the people who be saying that like i
ain’t making the right he take a
vacation and hike
i’m chilled out b-tches getting famous
despite the fact that i’m young and a
little bit nerdy and i know a lot of
people would consider me early i’m just
a little kin working trying to configure
my search is trying to deliver my
purpose and take a sh-t on my burdens
i’m just me no my ain’t no fake
and i just see all the people living and
burning so be free try to be a little
bit nervous it don’t matter if he’s
scared cause this sh-t is disturbing and
i get it and i don’t wanna ever forget
it guessing i’m heading towards the
ending and i know where this flaming so
well see a brown underachievers hop on
my wagon cuz we’re draggin’ late we gotta
be leavin’ man so basically i do this for
fun and making me i’m trying i’m a black
girl gone so fast i be getting my career
from a to z and basically i’m where you
see i made my life at the age of three
but now what am i meant to do what my
own fan base i hated me i’ve been
suppose this using the fans like crooks
manipulated the ronnie hands to catch
that hook they’ll believe anything that
you tell them like you can feed that
sh-t so you could sell your book huh but
no shots fired though nothing wrong with
a little bit of lying though i mean look
at fox news that’s the whole premise in
their entire show but no political sh-t
always do just enough on the minimal
this making the most of my minimum
twenty i’ve got a couple is a new
original b-tch i gotta let it drizzle
prince may your own home dog is a little
b-tch but i feel of the syllables a
little brazil because i render bullsh-t
for the sick kids i got time maybe a
little too much of it but you know that
i’m trying to move up a bit people look
at me and say my potential has got a big
i’m loving it so far candle me with oven
mitts underground bless if you
discovered it though so unique i got so
much to do don’t like any other kid hey
yo what you say no yeah it’s quite i
could come and spit out of the bait oh
yeah when i bug out in it then i gotta
stay low you know i’m coming at them
shakes like you same boat wait so inhale
the fumes while i paint this picture me
i’m sitting in my room and i’m anxious
trying to make my most wild a huge any
famous i knew that to some sh-t i
couldn’t do i was jaded then somehow i’m
next up yeah i’m blessed up now i wake
up and i’m fly i don’t dress up now i’m
flying my opponents better catch up i
get my check sir
all y’all need a step up i remember
trying to practice my cadence and tracks
i was making i had to be patient
everybody said that sh-t was trash and
they were right but i tarnish it and
made a right sh-t is day and night now i
gotta take a plate and vegas might not
stay the night everybody see me eat and
now they wanted to take a place one like
ok no way yeah when it comes to this
sh-t man i don’t play i’m like houdini
and my ghost you can’t see me i’m gone
but so hard i gotta wear my easy’s to
prom you two b-tches asking me to
retweet day songs i’m the reason people
got spotify premium on light hey yo what
you say though
but i could come and straight out of the
bay though you’ll when our workout in a
10 i gotta stay low you know i’m running
to them tricks like usain oh
so i’m like ok not no way but a
const-tution man i don’t play if you ask
me i got ’em i will say i’m gonna drive
you over looking over the roadway oh
d-mn some of these are too slow and less
or too fast
whatever i’m out of order three oh it’s
like i’m santa claus pull up on your
b-tch babe buddy with a camouflage hey
now here what’s the play now i’m trying
to slide i attack him about a playground
yeah i remember bottom phase i would
stay down 20k still in in my paypal, so
what the f-ck you wanna say you wanna
say now nothing
best in my town and as note these
sketches humble beginning say humble we
win it if i wanna bag that’s my humble
decision everything i do is going off t
whiff i wanna freestyle and you better
know that cause a i think she blogged me
d-mn there’s no more water i’m literally
about to die i think she blocked me on
the instagram i need to know what that i
do i guess i missed your plan if me i’m
the searching for the troopers sh-t
where is it man i never know just wanted
you to help me understand i need some
closure because truthfully i give a d-mn
i gave a d-mn plenty of fish in the sea
but see i ain’t no pleasure man see i’m
a middle man of it man and it means it’s
there digging in the sand looking for a
reason i’m not kidding man
how am i gonna let all of this get him
even a few much as you texted me chill
others tell myself i’m a celebrity in a
way that we could get to me and in the
didn’t matter but right now is feeling
like everything the more talking about
it against a to remember think about a
wedding ring but now i’m thinking about
so many things
what did i do to deserve it the sh-t i
was pretty a petty things i’ll stick
what i’ll nothing’s perfect like all
them i let you forget about it and all
that they’re gonna set about it but why
the f-ck that i get blocked i just kind
of wrap my head around it i just can’t
wrap my head around it now i’m just
getting bored i’m just f-ckin up all the
flows just for the fun of it if you’re
still watching this sh-t comment a
comment arrowhead water in the comments
and let me know what would you rate this
out of 10 give me a rating that way i
know that you’re real they are real one
you know i’m sam alright wheel
spectacular speculations having some
reservations imagining all the
statements to tribal authorities places
back an impressive p-ssionate ration of
reputations that actually don’t affect
some reality left and basis i wish that
we left the nameless -ssociate and more
faces make judgments from expectations
and watch the heads of shaken people
want me to crumble and turn to some
medication to f-ck up my motivation and
focus on education but i’m a petty petty
petty petty let’s are they really ever
to me so many times that you convinced
me and sh-t that is so you could have
won a penny i got a phone in my hand
like an over the gram and i think i’m
holding your hair but you don’t
understand i think i’ll be the total
scam you never really know to the end
like oh this began i’ll become in the
heads of the mansion i forgot more than
a plane how does of the dramas around me
here follow without like another one
here by the sh-t again i guess that’s
the way it goes when they stop me and do
anything to try and stop me i did
nothing wrong but that’s how it goes
when aphasia b-tch try to block me
but you stay the same how you expect
yourself to go take the fan making name
but you don’t take the pen you wanna be
unique but not make it change like what
how you expect to go through this think
about the girls man why you wanna do is
so stupid and useless if you never lose
it with yourself a little for the
movement when i write the st. the ode to
joy’ this the oldest success don’t know
if there is a god but i know that i’m
blessed and i’m hoping to know and i’m
open to yes i’ll do whatever i can to go
to the best that will go to the right
and go to the left no doubt imma show up
at night instead of going to bed when i
know that i’m right i’m exploding my
chest i keep on loading the time and it
goes over my head i think no why do i
even try these things i need shiny
things like diamond rings and flying
rings and preci bling that is what
drives these strains i’m so i’m so
lively and lazy at the same time saying
something sane and crazy in the same
rhyme never go to practice who don’t
faze me ’til it’s game time
learning his life will amaze me how i
made my define a minute
when a wetland is favorite the mik
children they get so p-ssed with me i’m
either villain now they no kidding and
no i’m not quitting i know i’m just
sitting sitting with a dream and maybe
maybe just sit in this city where the
dream could take me but i know it can’t
i know it tastes look i’m angry why i
just need to be of the a-team at the
feet of the mainstream man i dream for
this daydream and i believe that i’m
making it cease for the taking it’s me
in a train and i see that i’m breaking
my knees aren’t place and i keep on
thinking that i’m being amazing but i’m
improving i know it’s just a slow climb
pushing myself yeah i’ll be there in no
time so i’m moving i’m moving till i get
there get where i just don’t want to get
left there i don’t remember i don’t even
know what that’s from but that was
written in there it’s been a lot of late
nights okay i don’t give a f-ck about
anything skinny white child on a track
but i’m threatened they don’t wanna let
him in they told me if i take it up
you’re better like as mad as simba i
said i’ll end it trying to rush me like
a friend and linen labels don’t buy so i
can’t get it deal i mean is it footage
did someone get me a benadryl
i got a h-ll of sk!ll man they worried
that i never will a success in sk!lls
men are done seven mill i think about
food by the chair i’ll be going over
putting the determinant shame in the
hypocrites women n0body buzzer okay that
one’s for you huh
i’m wanna christmas as a christmas gift
middle child no i’m anything but in the
middle b-tch man i don’t give a sh-t i’m
behaving saw ridiculous i’m the type to
add my f-cking seat sephora syllabus ah
existential crisis every day i think i
don’t exist you check a little i’m a
frying pan i’m a dying man i wake up
every d-mn i make a f-cking diagram and
find a plan to be the highest man in the
sky atlanta rap so f-cking hard i think
i’m entering my diaphragm iron man think
i’m iron man because we couldn’t fire
emojis of my entire gram i’m a fireman
second grade teacher got me singing in
the choir man and like a word a my notes
thought i would acquired its carbon soot
a bunch of random sh-t in climate man
that’s so much i do not give a f-ck
let’s go to ireland under grand on those
rubber bands hold your f-cking bands
listening to the cash register like your
f-cking jam don’t understand like a
republican with a gun in his hand saying
that trump is a man to come to the plan
living in wonderland this it is a
f-cking scam making america each other
that’s dumb again huh they told me i
needed to do a switch up my friends told
me i needed to get my hips up it ain’t
that simple i’m not someone that white
teenagers wanna be like i can’t say it
sir and a mimin hard to pick up pick up
i’m the transnational british person
dimension c-137 is my biggest version

[verse 3]
i’ll be disturbing his music it isn’t
listed as
urban air quotes next to my name of red
caps that’s bird and i’m a f-cking
burden to every f-cking person i’m his
earthman i’m determined either trying to
get a book and sorted out pins and
needles like an amateur surgeon that
makes no sense
all these listeners are so dense the
song is conversational so why you still
talking to me just went out so why are
you talking to me i’m trying to give you
free money not fondue your feet i’m
trying to make a deal not call the
police i have free publicity they don’t
want to be seen i guess they don’t wanna
be seen f-ck these monopoly seats you’re
they collapse rabble’s 150 plays i hit
him up about it away 60 days now i’m
bigger than these rappers i’m asking i
hit him up again and then i never get a
response d-mn what the f-ck is happening
the dead i said f-ck a lot too f-cking
lawsuit hey what’d it cost me is what it
cost you a kike gotta stop you y’all are
not cute huh no need to argue cuz i do
not lose a who is your mama i need to
know who taught you i need to how you
believe it i’m sure that n0body believes
you i make it i’m making music as soon
as the thumbing of money you’re trying
to review you hadn’t claimed a reverse
on my album are you gonna claim these
two ’cause i am independent you a little
jealous and you skeptical if i’m pretty
selling you -ssuming that i can legit
offender i’m a senior i hear what a
prison sentence you copyright abusive
pr-cks trying to profit off my music
sh-t his little do you know that i’m not
afraid of you until i refuse to quit you
stupid b-tch
for real my chick on m-ss appeal hey
every sunday the top is an anthem you
don’t really have to kneel d-mn restart
you don’t have to steal don’t like we
hide the deal d-mn if i say the teller i
feel is reeling i’ve had no drill d-mn
but kali we had a deal me to sh-t ain’t
daffodils d-mn when the dough comes down
my door can deploy a happy meal hey if
it doesn’t have to go never try late
riser do come and i’m gonna have to
chill yet it’s a new way yelling – laney
you say you gonna start tomorrow or
tomorrow – day i get i get all these
bags stuff a minute suitcase with these
to be spin up clothes like you bunk gang
i accidentally quit out all these lyrics
so i was just trying to piece it
together like a puzzle you know i’m
saying hey let’s go random sh-t hey i
take no credit for anything that i do
but i live life with a positive att-tude
that’s why i’ve seen p-ssed but i’m
never getting mad at you that’s the
reason that people mirror my attributes
what i contribute to the world is some
places sh-t n0body else’s world did and
i’m just trying to spread some pieces
love my man it’s really hard cuz you
need some love i’ve been waiting cuz
this is defense time for me to be laying
out of business and i’m breathing in the
air but it all tastes
when all of this time is wasted really
ain’t wasted this is trash i’ve done it
when i wrote this i then wrote it’s like
2013 this how far back up this how far
back we are i’m not even i write this
let’s do something else
oh cuz this i said it’s bumping bumping
this beat is just so disgusting you
leaving me in the l-st of my meeting
grief of my love and i’m enchanted he’s
d-mn the speed is just full of something
that’s making me wanna get up and
breathe another percussion man i’m
dancing yeah dancing man i’m feeling the
rhythm dropping my head fancy snares
that when it hit something really gets
in my bloodstream like just make sense
to me b-ss and a good groove it’s really
a great recipe can’t mess with me no
feeling too good in the moment feeling
new when i go in and feeling blue when
it’s over when i’m not a yes and then i
am applauding next and then i’m trying
to mentally send god attacks like hey
what’s up god i don’t know if you’re
real but listen to how this box if you
supposedly feel like a god well you get
what i’m saying and god d-mn my tap
police press when i’m paying i said it’s
bumping y’all just go for bride i’m
feeling good i’m talking every more to
hide yeah we be feeling and know that
this is the realest sh-t all the pain
this is k!lling it love and i’ll never
believe in it it’s bumping but leave
this is bumping to me do wave feeling
and so then you just get up you leave
but this is something to me so don’t
come running to me i said we coming in
this sh-t like will you be f-cking a
dream no never mind probably not but i
constantly got energy that’s lost to my
i’m not gonna stop and yet this maybe
caused them a lot but looking at the end
result man we’ve accomplished a lot
and now i’m not gonna regret a thing
after this i’m just trying to master
this cuz right now i’m known as that
weird eye trapping kid the fact of it is
that it is really just a giant hobby
something for me to be original not a
lie copy trying to make a sh-t you can
really get your head not inverses so
fire less when it’s done if left
sobbing it’s just a work in progress
some of my shame is sh-t and other words
are nonsense but now we ease it up we
gotta be this bumpers see me stuntin’
while i’m flo movie it doesn’t see me
bluffing every day and see me bluffing
that is what i do listen to some
bullsh-t trying to make a subst-tute i
got so much stuff to do when i am just a
young and to who just hopped on the
scene everybody one or two but all i
know is that we find the safety and
rhythm and that is the reason that i am
making the same an -sset is pompey naira
we’re nearing an hour if you’re still
watching the sh-t i love you i actually
like love you long time
okay yeah i’m married to the game but i
only just better hoping that my chick
gets better but i’m just gonna move with
it right with it it’s my life the only
burden is the time limit f-ck it i’m
living a i said f-ck it i’m living
people getting mad just because yeah i’m
winning just because y’all been in there
snuck up and i get it just because your
lifestyle stuff corrupting my with it i
misunderstood the punchline sighs you’re
really good just because your life sucks
stop above them are wet
hey, hey, just because your life sucks top
corrupting mind with it and how am i
meant to keep my workflow up if a girl
shows up on my world blow up i’m just
sitting and waiting instead of becoming
the greatest trying to find a brand new
motherf-cking deal all you b-tches face
all my numbers real all my sh-t is
punching in your stomach like a meal and
my marry to the game if i can’t afford a
ring it’s a very much the same if i
can’t afford to say now scared for king
then i said it’s scary for king even
they call me odd but i bring even a
brain reason to believe in you even
deduct free in a meaning is rarely seen
and no line can be drawn between them i
don’t show seasons yeah i am me no
matter what and i can grow pleasing i’m
barely close to anybody i don’t know
people man i don’t know people do so
people i don’t know n0body who doesn’t
own evil man that is a truth and a lie
truth in a line something like the blue
in the sky was to in a tide yeah i’m new
to this life i moved in my mind dude at
the time man i’m like a proof in
disguise and all and we’re gonna all of
this sh-t all you should know i’m not
falling for this you get scourge for one
minute and
become an acquaintance i probably get
richer by focusing left you close minded
let’s open it up and all these people
-ssume about what i’ll be doing but
they’re gonna know when it’s up just
wish that they go away i’m gonna be
know what we’ll never ever show the way
i’m i will try to mask it up with other
jokes and f-cking jokes always playing
achieve but now i’m moving on to other
my voice is f-cking and hurting it’s
pretty a lot i know i haven’t vocal
training so i don’t know how to do this
for a long period of time without
causing damage to my vocal cords but who
gives a f-ck man i just delivered up i’m
gonna go a little bit quieter now uh-huh
yeah oh look it’s people keep on
changing all of these times and
different phases all of these lights on
all the stages all the sights are so
amazing yeah i’ve seen at least a
million faces a million times a million
places felt when it’s all said and done
i look and i wonder why everyone knows
that so amazing
compared to the big people at the
capitol my name is felt on many cases
people loved me before i made a few
people like the before they watch their
i wanna wait too much one and i haven’t
i’m glad because now i’ll never stop a
man on a mission
teaching of talking a lot of wisdom and
i gotta listen got a following be the
leader but tomorrow i’ll be the teacher
when he need to feature got blauman said
him crazy she visited me so amazing i’m
holding controlling the feeling the
first of the hurts because i am i’m
later phases in vinci i know the basics
already know them i aggravated me while
i’m elated it also we hope we can start
this game and i’m charged up i hate race
but i’m alma what’s behavior so many
people they know the players don’t know
the game but don’t many majors don’t
know the favorite but we can hear the
caterer i meet the one proven to show
that i’m greta i’m here to go move it
just go on the players it big i’m going
so later i got time my only race i got
now i’m in i’m on time for the broad
lines and i’m not crying so let’s go and
let’s go
my own people keep calling my phone one
and i know then i’ll be the star of the
show but i’m all on my own
yeah and i don’t want to talk about it
stop the doubt it because the world is
awfully crowded but the ghost in me is
han and the tongue so i’ll make it there
all on my own
my inner mission is amazing with
intermissions and following integration
conflicting with my decisions and it is
more than the business consists of self
approval it is to make it look like i’m
living with something beautiful many sad
but you know is true for most pq
appearances is right in front of coal
just you chabot pursuit of drama moving
to a new type of day that you can gain
from to push away to p-ss in the places
that you came from day one for me was
like six months ago
oh holy sh-t i actually reached the end
of the beat but i still have like ten
thousand more words hold on i got a
pause this hold on
three it still want a p-ss in the places
that you came from day one for me was
like six months ago
look at where we’ve been better matter
but once you go it’s not fun to know
that we just live in to die it’s not fun
to know that we just live in a die we
now know how much money you can get for
the line get for the look about how much
you can get for an eye what’s the point
of feeling sh-t if you just live in the
cry so get your -ss up cause it’s time
to make it
sh-tty laughing but i practice for my
p-ssion man yeah either living life all
on my own b-tch i ain’t start with a
show b-tch i know like four people who
truly respect your pride and it’s
usually left to climb in a newly
perfected diamond and if time is money
then free time it really free and all my
benefits kazan lyrics a drilling me
stemming from a branch of a wish list on
my christmas tree i wanna be with ton of
me but sorry gamma meaning me in the
face of my full potential that is the
biggest me bigger than you bigger than
anybody in history the challenge is a
challenge the fact that you got to
maximize the satisfy a lavish life i
have a crazy magic timer luckily i’m so
d-mn young cuz man i had the time to
learn from my mistakes and grow into a
mastermind i’m trying to master my craft
and the problem is the high guard in
several different things to potentially
make my job i want to make the mls and
also have a merely subs and also gather
millie plays and maybe make a big bucks
and maybe young should all be ever
wanted small really and once i get three
mil again on my for millie it’s so silly
is so tricky this whole cycle we can
never be happy but that is so vital
those are some builders
rebirth fee hit the earth my knees hurt
they’re weaker than previously her
breathing seems to be burnt like a three
cds were before be could be sir sunlight
please just please work like a lien
slave owner that’s edgy like great snow
so you get me a safe go for the belly
more than a seven-figure who cares about
flexing if you ain’t holding a heavy ah
i’ve been trying to prove to other
people i knew puddin’ i like what i do
discussing like it yet it should go that
he complains and now i’ll become true
i’m seeing a bill and it’s the reason i
do other the things that i do it’s time
for a cool tougher i gotta redeem and
i’ve really been needing a clue philony
shoes fitting these piece and news 10 i
should really get screwed it gives me
the pillars whenever i’m sure down my
eyes on the doors i don’t get a feel for
the finger rinses really please don’t
why the singer must be carrying kids and
why the say there was a clear vicious
and i get michele immense ab innocent
that she really is ridiculous and
magnificently backed up but n0body must
step it up i didn’t see nicole madonna’s
coming up okay to the vatican having
them good times and bad times new romans
do that again when i was when i was so
young too young to really know fun but
so but i guess that’s what happens when
you grow up dry your eyes and wipe your
nose up just keep drinking till you
throw up tell me one judge but we all
just want to be loved and somehow get
validated by those we hate such a
twisted system that we’ve been given to
harmful a i’ve been really thinking and
faker right now is not a fake wash away
the thoughts of me along the way are all
has changed yeah and now we looking is
so far away and it’s a far away just a
civil war
segment war you’ll be the aiming to the
piece of what we can afford
yeah anymore what we even living for
yeah baby murder little piece that is a
civil war you know you know they be
looking at me right now like the source
system they a better pipe down
i’ve been reading my essays my web page
yeah i caught our new construction site
now with his praise man i think i gotta
find out all these questions man i
really wanna hide down oh i want to drop
out maybe learn a lot about my strip
before our way to see it die out d-mn i
just want to go along i’m holding strong
i know i know i’m not the botes one i’m
old enough from throwing up bars so sick
it doing that they know it’s up down
minute now i really don’t know done and
a babe race like i got drafted for
freddie year-round hype over march
madness wanna get to what his girls
stripping down like his know they feel
like we takin liberal all his cl-sses
ay be saying d-mn bad when the gods
savage number on like
i am not average hold on i had to pick
this f-cking instrumental this is a
mental hold on i have to fix it real
quick i’m gonna fix it take a pause yeah
hey i’m addicted to the screen and the
validations of people who are 13 in
another nation i’ve been looking for
seven sent a message or a comment on a
video it seems to be wasted like
internet track meets they ii traced it
look at this sh-t i just recently made
it that’s how it goes when i’m beaten
and breathing achieving and keep on
succeed in there haiti y’all lousy they
can’t breathe all that smoke bro you
doubt me but just see where i’ll go so
allow me to break free from my own dome
to get out there be me believe in my own
zone things become intense of the heat
of the ozone is surrounding me i need to
go home so can i pretty please just be
all alone n0body to retweet to leave on
my home phone i ain’t gonna i’m gonna
hop in a drug sh-t when they all come
and they love it ain’t gonna happen
allow sure when i know i ain’t about it
yeah they’re gonna take us away now they
got something to say now you can order
this sh-t on a take on all of these this
is a fake now i closed this j-panese i
wear it casually and i’m a k!ller on the
mic might cause a couple casualties all
i need is a beat to make your f-ckin’
salary, man i said f-ck the peanut
gallery i got a f-ckin’ allergy dropping
out my paypal making friends and family
now i’m so hot i need some oven mitts a
safe to handle now i made my choice i’m
spotify today me had somebody i got the
mic up to my brain to help maintain my
sanity okay everybody round me david
wasting my
i pull up to the licensee they face when
i bribe a everyone’s a critic on my case
all the time to it by myself i don’t
need a wait to get signed b-tch i’m
clouded up
yeah i’m cluttered up hey get my numbers
up gotta adam hey until i get it i never
packin’ up no and they all come in for my
blood like dracula hey okay i’m backing
this not masking sh-t now everybody
wanna go package it i don’t give a
f-cking home abstinent for the whole
game about accident when i’m gonna do
p-ssion it’s edison ever method okay
happening my buddy used to hold back but
this and i hit me up like whatever
typing in yeah i had to sacrifice a lot
of sleep because a lot of people wanna
love from me hey standing in the way of
who i wanna be no random strangers
recognize me when i cross the street so
many memories you’ll remember these
moments are back in a time charted it
back of my mind i am so happy to cry i
am so happy to find so much experience
done that i’m p-ssing the lines now that
i’m guessing the science i have been
laughing a lot got nothing to hide no i
got nothing to hide which i’m stuck
behind i need to drive yeah need
something a bride come on baby i’ll sh-t
then i’m making up a knitted off to the
side feeling alive yeah i’m living the
air enough jenna so k!ll us by i can’t
let go then every morning i’m wanting to
drop out but i can’t stop now i put too
much working at ship tickle popped out
so i walk down five different paths
every day just say the one it’s only
begun no i’m not throwing away and no
one i’m gonna say that this sh-t is
going badly at all i’m glad that a fault
i love the breath but i am adam to call
him mad at the car yeah i’m having a
doll and traveling far and i practice it
hard to never go back to the start never
going back to the start
uh yeah put him on my letter j for no
iron so abel i’m lining the cables i got
the most tired but tied to the stables
get by when a label i did it makes any
master right in there wrapping and
making it happen i’m eating my chicken
i’m having it real
i’m tapping and p-ssing to that iron
working my hardest it’s already started
yes i am pn the artist i’m feeling the
largest i’m feeling the largest oh is
that the final beat change up alright
we’re on that last beat for like an hour
for lit literally an hour but you know
what got a hop on this cl-ssic be a yeah
had to change it for all you that i’ve
been watching till until the end you
know you didn’t think that it’d be was
ever gonna change but it did though yeah
hey recently i’ve been feeling my lyrics
missing meaning i’m trying to whitewash
how much they stink like i’m list arena
d-mn i’m feeling like i’ve missed the
key and so i guess that dj khaled is
always skipping me but yeah you know i’m
trying to do what i can but these
ignorant idiots just can’t understand
yeah you know i’m trying to do what i
can but these ignorant idiots just can’t
understand i got new crews and a new
friends got new views in the new lens on
the new dude i’m the new bank on my
youtube but a new trance but the way i’m
growing is so unorthodox how could i be
connecting them áfive you had to sort
the dots sort of lost them very found at
the same time a port of cause now i’m
very loud in a daytime and very quiet at
night each team is shy when i write and
i’m longing to be a five-year-old
chillin flying a kite and i admire the
sight of somebody just working more than
me i’ve been staying grounded but the
sky is moving towards my feet and
fortunately i’m on course livermore
burley grinding to get what’s rightfully
mine i’m headed right for my dream
d-mn i guess that’s all i needed know
for now they put me in the driver’s seat
no way i’m slowing down they know me now
but don’t know my son did it so profound
give me them two years and i’ll make it
let me show you how hey, hey, hey, hey i
got a stop all of this bragging sh-t so
many haters as a mace is the acronym i’m
trying to get a couple omgs over wtf he
is so s-xy i got no ben leave it be the
so deadly walked up to the rap club no
entry and i feel a little like i won’t
get see cuz i’m so white won’t fight you
don’t get me cuz i’m coming that his
music with a different set of ideas he’s
trying to bring my own crib like it’s
ikea here’s a protip
no gifts from people who are close yet
b-tch is always so stressed d-mn cuz
they trying to find a great escape
nation of dreamers who are just trying
to stay awake every day i’d be waking up
to my 8 away stay today hustle i’m just
trying to pave a way people that have
colors always get them most advice it’s
like why don’t you search your own lift
don’t come closer mind i mostly find it
so please leave me alone – whining next
time that you’re talking sh-t please
bring me an open mind cause people
loggin’ they own ideas a straitjacket
some david blaine’s magic you’re helping
your brake pads that i’m trying to raise
– i’m trying to stay savage you’re
trying to make balance while finding a
great pageant you coming to get up this
witness an injustice about who people in
love with the base of a skin color
snitchin’ is so this custody in their
public i’m trying to make sense of it
here and it discusses close my eyes and
go to sleep waiting until they notice me
wait until my creations i’m making
everything so complete my thoughts i
scattered find lots of patterns i try
not to let akin my plots and ashes i
don’t ever think on some money some
little talent these rappers shows look
like lifting battles with jimmy fallon
we’re really having i’m jealous if
people selling platinum boy see around
my life like saying the words kendrick
goblin is way better than average
i’m already established unforgettable
cl-ssic y’all sh-t is set to go plastic
you didn’t want to see me disappear like
incredible magic cube regrettable
att-tude is upsetting my p-ssion i’m
gonna listen to place we’re gonna simply
gaze ajik to commute birth breakouts
part of my baby minimal break humming
it’s good enough in a b-tch eden a
feelin if i just want to make a pulling
up i’m putting up with all the amateurs
or enough i’ma show him how it can be
done i got green in our beef like a
i got that exclusive floater can’t be
bought at stores potus knew should they
still be running more to say that my
duty is not fair like some mana war i’m
stuck as well just like the michelin man
it is sushi every night but i don’t live
d-mn i’m trying to get as many hits as i
can and like a lazy -ss beaver i ain’t
giving a d-mn whoa the sh-t’s corny
you’re really gonna ignore me you really
gonna let it slide when the benjamins do
adore me and as you guys man it ain’t
about fame and fortune we got a greater
importance that’s why awakened i’m born
and i’m trying to play her performance
hit make a change with a chorus i came
from a tiny clap / nama stage of the
normans let’s do anything to stay out of
office because i’m cautious it’s not
gonna sell myself for the profits yeah i
got many dreams a lot of p-ssions imma
get there by any means just imagine just
know that anything can happen to take
chances for everything you rapping i
don’t even really need to go fast flow
back not wonder been like a nomad so
glad you’re they don’t melt like a
snowman back-to-back flames got drake
saying oh man not again got a lot of
friends who want to end on my sh-t and
subscribe like i’m on a man i’ve been
living in a moment got a lot of fans
pedophile back at it again with the
white vans you can’t lie man i got a lot
of white fares could i get a ultralight
beam maybe by chance every day i’ve been
switching up on my stairs scare
everyone away whenever i dance people in
a comment saying that i can’t rap okay
cuz i didn’t understand that f-ck you
man i think it’s time to stand back
you’ll be sitting getting in a wait like
a sandbag if you want to talk trash say
it to my face
i’ll be singing “lala”, i got to a lay
i’ll be like a haha at the human race
ham in a lead not far from a newer place
getting sick over and sicker the flow on
the track in and quick over and quicker
shiver me timbers i’m winning these
bigger k!ll evicted not swiping left
like this tinder they felt on my picture
put it in bad light me playing in these
rapids is a bad fight
hey we spent in these bursts that’s a
mad sight hey to see changing their
opinions is that right hey, hey, hey i’m
winning i’m winning i spent in a million
ways but i’m in it to win it
i’m in it to win it i’m fixing to hit it
if you sh-t in my mission let up to you
peace you know that i’m grinning a
hey, hey, hey but i don’t want to be
living in the sky living in the skies
menace see the venom in the middle that
it eyes figure if you live in there you
die cuz it’s time for you to finish your
reply i’ve been dealing with these guys
know that i am blacking out that so i
guess i’m automatically back when you
died of a bad guy and better than like
hi for these actors i’ve dated like a
battery pack that a blackberry add on a
stack of his tab revving as the bath of
a tag to send him a shout back to iraq
then leave a crack gun imagine put my
train of thought right back on the track
oh these drivers out of breath
that guy’s like a motherf-cking asthma
attack yeah m-ss, m-ss, m-ss megan flames
when i swipe right and i ain’t talking
about some cr-p on an app blowing up a
bar it’s like a tnt blowing up tnt with
bars at&t i’m the way may see on screen
i won’t be p-ssing out like hey is he
unleashed nah i ain’t about that the
music that i make is a motherf-cking
soundtrack to the dhobis life big sean
better bounce back everybody trying to
raise the stakes when they better to get
out, out back i got a lot on my mind
i cannot go behind oh hey, hey, hey i just
deleted their orders lyrics but that
don’t matter cuz i’m saying atmosphere
b-tch who would who woulda thought that
where they go would have moved to the
top i mean you win a lot a to me for the
music i make not the views not the shoes
that i buy me – who woulda done that i
go up, up and over a 5k to a hundred k in
a month i’ll play for good thing he run
in a game see his haters nothing running
away cuz i’ve come here to stay
i’m in front of jump in a lake but uh
put me coming up in a baby with it under
my name and i’m like “what, what do i say”
to a friend who things be running the
same cuz i’m done with it games saying
this is f-cked in the same one abarth
when a one can complain yet it buzzed
into place i got an abundance of pain
when i drop it at this bus and a flame
at this bus dinner food with a pool with
a start said i’m motherf-cker hop on uk
bottom tray hey who would have thought
i’d be spinning all these syllables are
done making a single mistake but i’ve
actually i’ve actually made a lot of
mistakes oh i made have made a lot of
mistakes oh i’m so big i make
hippopotamus shake ooh that’s really bad
hey uh got it drink some water it’s
got a lot on my plate
d-mn it’s just the third time we’re on
this beat i do this beat like 20 times
but desert k cuz you know i got so many
you know what on this one i’ma just
freestyle i got all your b-tches on my
speed dial
hey and you sit in there me while i’m
doing my notice sh-t i got it like it’s
a free trial, free trial i spending no
money now everybody looking at me say
i’m so funny but not in a way wetter
laughing with me now they’re laughing at
me man they so silly they so they like
“billy” by tekashi, now everybody you know
that they want to stop me but they not
gonna stop me ’cause i’m not gonna let them
and now everybody you know that i want
to get up into the best place into the
best place you know everybody i be
writing on my essays i run my music like
a motherf-cking essay cuz to my sister
160 pages on a d-mn song cuz i’m making
this so d-mn long people looking at me
need a blood mother f-cking tampon
yeah cuz he’s a born now everybody man
you know i’m making girls i’m scoring
now p-rn now oh you should have trash
i’m pouring now pouring it into the
garbage because you know i’m snoring now
you got the tire man so you’re so tired
when i’m doing otis sh-t i’m k!lling
sh-t man i am violent hey i got a
strange like a violent people look at
amy they like how to f-ck i’m running
this i don’t even know this is on the
top now got a lot of b-tches but i’m
never gonna stop now this is it what i
got to do i’m gonna do it now f-ck all
of these b-tches i make music now they
be like who’s making that stupid sound
i’m like that’s me b-tch that’s me b-tch
i got all these people see me on a free
b-tch there’s a treat b-tch this ain’t
remixed i got people looking at me now
they wanna be me they wanna be this but
they can’t they go get this looking at
you homage to my shots you better get
hit hey cuz you know i’m gonna get lit
everybody you know that i’m doing this
the bestest be the bestest in the nation
everybody made that that it baby to the
station best in the nation my going to
vacation look at all these people
uh-uh uh-uh hesitation and i’m elevate
another desiree hey oh you motherf-ckers
waiting but i am demonstrate its
demonstrating what i got is do now oh
you know that i’m moving right through
now peoples looking at me i’m like boo
how i don’t know i’m just asking a bunch
of questions now but i’m never gonna let
it down never gonna set it down i am
like the best in town hey this is
freestyle i’m not gonna add some more
freestyle i do it off the top but it
dumb huh tell you all this job that
you’re wanting and no i might talking
gibberish you know the dumb ridiculous
these people giving presence like my
name is saint nicholas, oh, oh
and i’m licorice i’m sweet i got people
pinion no i’m gonna
figure this out better figure this put
it in a top now oh but you’re no i’m
never gonna stop now uh-uh
this is hamlet d-mn you’d be looking
like a d-mn pig you’d be looking like a
d-mn point all right b-tch i got it
people minion oh you so annoyed in no
enjoy and i don’t really even know now
you know that i’m never gonna slow down
he didn’t know me now but don’t know my
sounded it so profound but give me two
years and i’ll make it let me show you
how i got his sungl-sses put it on my
suntan uh you know that i’m doing this
how i can uh you know i’m gonna get a
sunburn i’ve seen a lot of sh-t i wish i
could unlearn uh yeah i wish that i
could un-see a playboy bunny uh dropping
this on make a lot of money all these
haters laughing cuz they think it’s it
as funny but it ain’t but it ain’t cuz
i’m serious it when i’m doing sh-t i’m
getting drunk i get delirious huh but
you know i do it sober i got all this
water got a four-leaf clover little
b-tch cuz i’m lucky i got a lot of good
luck huh i said bye have a good i don’t
know oh no now i gotta eat some good
lunch lush i’d be sittin’ in a lunch
slide all these b-tches lightning out
he’s stealing all my punchlines hey and
you know i make some rhymes and you know
i do this sh-t got a drum line drum line
like i’m doing this on a tv show now you
see me i’m like c-3po cuz i’m living in
my star wars people looking at me but
you know i gotta start more start more
when i playing on a pitch people looking
at me now they see me i’m on twitch but
i ain’t on twitch i only stream like one
or twice people looking at me now i’m
not so nice i’m not so nice but you know
that i eat lots of rice and i burn that
rice too when i make a diss track dis
this dis that making diss tracks
uh now you better make some big macs oh
now i’m don’t have a six-pack because
i’m kind of lanky but whatever f-ck that
f-ck that i don’t really even care now
oh that you better get your hair out
grow my hair out grow a beard out people
looking at me days no i’m making
parodies like weird out but you know i
got a weird hour like i am who’s the guy
with the owl f-ck what’s his name and
harry potter no just tell me what i want
to know hagrid they call me hey grant
i got hamlet now you know that you a bad
b-tch when i walk in here as soon as i
establish people know i’m making this
appear like it’s magic
hey your life story is so tragic better
keep you a mixtape into a d-ck i
calculated selling mathematics ah then
you know that dad’s past and i’m past
that i’m past that i’m moving to the
future huh and i’m doing what i’m used
to i’m used to dislike future and trait
uh, uh, know who’s who am i gonna thank
who am i thinking like at thanksgiving
uh, uh, you know i’m great and i keep
giving keep giving keep giving on a
track now track now never back down
doing this until i p-ssed out to uh
black yeah i got people looking at me uh
take the trash out everybody minion no
i’m making that sound make a loud sound
make a loud sound going downtown oh all
my music is surround sound you hear
everywhere you go spin around now people
look at any now they never want to drown
now or your music gets drowned out in a
conversation i got these people see a
star i’m in a constellation and you know
i compiled it in a compilation everybody
man you know that i’d be living on my
races, uh, uh i don’t think even say a
real word there didn’t say a real word
you a real nerd i’ll be flying like a
real bird guddi’s b-tches looking at me
how’d it feel
word up word up a business like f-cking
mind these people looking at me but they
never gonna find me like the caution you
better comfort my gangster people look
at me but
never gonna thank you actually don’t
test my gazer cuz i don’t claim to be
one people look at a me and i’m great
and hc1 see fun seema i just see more
they give name is seymour it dad’s name
is seymour i was doing this sh-t
like way before i was on tour because i
just had to take a detour and you know
that i dish
destroy, destroy who are you but i’m me
boy, but i’m me, boy, i don’t do this sh-t
i just do this sh-t
oh these rappers men you know that i am
ludacris and i’m moving bricks to the
top but a charts you keep a look at amy
and you know that i’m not gonna start
i’m always gonna do it cuz i’m never
gonna stop you people look at amy now
sending all these shots to the top and
you dumb hit you whipping in a dome now
oh and your bars they get thrown out and
you know that i’ll be doing this i’m
going down but i’m going up you going
down i had to read how to do a phrase
you know how i had a great day i might
pull up with an 8k and you know i’m
gonna make a great plate great plate
great escape i lost my style lost my
style okay doesn’t actually a pretty
good freestyle d-mn ah money on a run
let’s run in business do this sh-t for
fun that’s some decision coming in this
i wonder this is a row that duh be
f-ckin with a loving and maybe paper
like dunder mifflin it’s a god haters
and doubters i keep on running into got
a problem hop on the track as i love to
dis you these people here on successes
you’ve got some f-cking issues like tim
you need to get you another tissue just
please don’t go come back don’t want to
miss you but i won’t
i’ll shrug my shoulders and just
continue on my mission encountered a lot
of villains i’m kicking them down
repeatedly lyrically like it’s some
jujitsu d-mn you know that i am the
f-cking man i’m ma just money make a
hundred grand i don’t really think that
you understand, understand ’cause i’m back
again a fan again i’m going to war like
what’s the plan the plan the plan man to
plan me i might do the sh-t i’m gonna do
the same thing
i’ma do this sh-t goin on my campaign
and every d-mn string is champagne oh
and you’re gonna know my d-mn name gonna
know my last name now i see me in a rat
gang they look at me like how that
changed but truly nothing even changed
oh these rappers got the same flow so
it’s good to evolve like play-doh ’cause i
get molded i get molded every day bro
every day bro but i ain’t shake paws
sliding into home base with your b-tch
baseball okay and as you can ago fall
but you know i’m gonna go far i might go
on mario kart in a go-kart i got people
now you know i’m going so far so far but
i’m never gonna backtrack i got all
these people send me pics on a snapchat
but i don’t even use snapchat people
look at every other move that back to
the past man i’ve been doing that facts
i’m, i’m at fedex in my math cl-ss i got
backpacks on my back, back, back, back it
up i got orders money now that’s take it
up oh hey freestyle is pretty fun though
to be honest you be looking like a dumbo
oh, oh
who’s the winner? b-tch, you already know
who won bro that’s, that’s a horrible bar
b-tch barb it’s in my car b-tch i just
do this sh-t i’ll do this sh-t like an
arby’s or her b-tch i don’t know i just
do this sh-t and you know that i’m too
legit huh well who has ever flown like
this the only kid who’s so legit and
goin in they focus in they know the sin
they know it’s him god doors i’ll be
game like some disease had this broken
in they all convinced the i ain’t
supposed to win diamond flows like water
cuz it’s soaked in their shoes they both
go swim or something in the ocean is i’m
floating in tina’s automatically back uh
like an asthma attack having eyes in the
back your cl-ss but you know that i
don’t give a motherf-ckin’ high for
crimes matter of fact i ain’t never
gonna be packing my bags and that’s a
rat here people look at any nothing like
a howard bat huh, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap
songs and people looking at me no my rap
song is that long it’s too long too long
i make a few songs, uh
i be getting bread like a crouton
cutting out my paper like a coupon
uh, my trade it like coupon
you get your groove on get your raps on
people look at any no on nickel rap song
oh when i’m with you girl i last long
that’s a fact b-tch better put it up in
fact that’s a fact you better put it up
in stone right in people looking at me
they be like i don’t like it well that’s
too bad i might have to go bike you out
to this sh-t because to be honest man i
don’t like you don’t like you and that
is a true sh-t huh
now you’re looking like a doofus
rubik’s cube but i ain’t logic don’t do this
sh-t for the profits let’s be honest i
gonna make a promise up now you know
that i’ll be on this old habit on the
phone service bondage bob boyars b-tch
i’m hunted got a hamlet shakespeare but
you know you glad that i can
and i’ll be doing it’s got a great ear i
just listen to this sh-t you know that
it’s so clear so clear cuz you know all
you go not here huh
d-mn got a ticket take a sip of this
f-cking water let’s read this f-cking
book i’m just going in the sh-t have a
f-cking look, uh, uh rosencrantz yeah you
know i’d do my dance do my dance got to
do a shake got into his pants newest
plans everybody you know who i am who i
am and that’s a fact uh turned on in my
vid in every jackal took on my bed never
jacked oh my god he’s so little as a
fact let it see me on a mat oh boo
see me oh my stats i’m in a boo boo now
they want to get it back but they never
get back see me out setting you back
like 85 years that’s a fact
i don’t know why i said that but let’s
get back to the main sh-t let it see me
on a playlist main now making his they
saying that i’m dangerous now they be
coming when i’m playing this playing
this in a in a card oh now you’re
looking like a weirdo now you know that
i’m here though i ain’t drinking no beer
though i’m growing on my beer so long
but you can’t even see it me not you
wouldn’t want to be it i don’t make
f-cking, f-cking remix i don’t i may use
another beat but i’m making my own now
everybody i’ve taken my throne staying
alone now you know that i just stay in
my zone i got all these people now you
know i’m making it home i’m making it
back home i may get it back home now
everybody you look like a fat gnome
k!ller keemstar, k!ller keemstar now you
know i got three stars i play guitar
play keytar on my keyboard hey now you
know i better get a reward
you ain’t never seen me before on the
track but i had to take a detour uh-uh
now we’re waiting for the breakdown
people looking at me but i’m never gonna
shake now you trying to get all of my
b-tch down and take down oh f-ck you and
your plate now oh i’m making plays now
i’ll make a great sound make a lot of
pounds make a lot of pounds make map
make me make up make up make up make a
lot of pounds your career is done it
find it in the lost and found
d-mn that could have been sick if i’ve
delivered it and people looking at me
now they really want to figure this i’m
making millions but i am not a brazilian
you know i’m k!lling it everybody know
i’m k!lling that i’m k!lling sh-t i’m
k!lling sh-t but i am a murderer i ain’t
a murderer i ain’t a murder see i’m
murder sh-t do the sh-t – like the third
degree and now people look at amy day
and heard of me but to be honest man i
even heard of you
people look at amy ankle murdered you
i’m the only thing i murder is his beat
he people look at any nut he turned it
on it see not it turning on in here at
night ain’t no i got his spirits and
they listen to my sh-t that ain’t liking
all my lyrics all hey he’s now i’m
reading all this shakespeare hey aren’t
you glad that i came here
hey, how does do 30,000 birds on it hey
now you know you don’t burst on it when
you get up on the track or you sh-t it’s
f-cking trash now i’m gonna leave you in
a f-cking p-ss i’m the f-cking man do
you understand people looking at me i’m
gonna make a hundred grand make a
hundred grand this is what i f-cking
plan hey now you know that i’m a f-cking
man oh when i am rapping i got like 20 styles
now you know i’ve run of many miles
and ran many miles ran many miles
that you know that i got many styles
i got plenty dials on my telephone
telephone better let alone people
looking at me now i’m gonna send you
home you’re a metronome i can do this
sh-t with no metronome
oh now you know
i don’t get at home i don’t do this sh-t
but i do it a lot with
people know that i’m doing it
i’m moving my thoughts
i’m moving my thoughts
get locked in my thoughts
get lost when i talk
do a freestyle but it’s constant of love oh
oh, oh, oh
doing this beat these people then look
in the meeting they see me on the street
oh, oh, oh i agree you’re gonna beat now i
got a track, got a beat down huh
and you know i just make hits
i’m the greatest
see you want a playlist
see me on your playlist
see you in spotify
you are one follow by, hey
if you try to diss me then you gotta die
then you gotta die
when i’m on the track i don’t gonna lie
i don’t gotta lie
say it how it is
now these people looking at me
now they playing on ths sh-t
now they playing on this sh-t
and they want to diss me spitting you around
i’m gonna make you dizzy
i make it clean kids like it’s walt disney people look at any night you
know i do this sh-t please do this sh-t
please, please me, huh, now this sh-t is
too easy i’m just scrolling through my
laptop let’s be honest we have that top
we have it all top running down a wing
fast like i’m theo walcott hey now we
had a great day i don’t got an ache a
make place i make plays when i’m on a
field on a pitch people looking at me
i’m real your b-tch now feel you’re
feeling this are you feeling this
i got a money flow are you feeling rich
d-mn to let people know they ask me how
i do this i keep my eyes closed keep my
eyes closed
looking at you, you look like a rhino
look like a rhino with a h-rn in your
head people looking at me hit you when i
warning you dead
i wanted you dead when i diss you cuz
you know i’m never gonna miss you and
then they look at me and me at you
pokemon pikachu
sneeze, hee, achoo
this is the worst rap i’ve ever done
but you know that we doing it just for fun
and you know that i’d be coming up
people looking at me not even
wonderstruck now they wonderin’ i’m so
corrupt call me to government and i’m
done to bring you plunder print and you
know i’m doing this sh-t coming then i’m
i’m keeping you company now i’m running
free people looking at me but you know
that that’d be thunder and they can’t
f-ck with me no you can’t f-ck with him
oh sh-t
unlike the government, government
something lit, hey, hey, hey, hey
you know i’m wonderful uh megan know
that i’m colorful, colorful, i got blue
hundreds like a blue hunted look at me
when they say who runs it who runs it
cuz that’s me b-tch now i’m rapping on
his beat but you know this ain’t no
remix if it’s in a remix i do this sh-t
for free b-tch now it’s fastened on the
my hobby’s fastened on the mic literally
megan oh i’m so holy i’m so biblically i
do this biblically i am the literal me
she people they looking to do this sh-t
figuratively but i do it for real i do
it for real people looking at me now
they’re always trying to think how i
feel but i don’t feel sh-t i don’t feel
sh-t motherf-cker you know there’s some
real sh-t, hey, hey, uh, you know i gotta
say me luck huh and you know that i’m
just warming up i could do this sh-t for
eight more hours you people looking at
me you need to take more showers cuz you
dirty, dirty, better get them hours back
uh that you better need a shower cap or
this rain going hit you in the head
though i better put on some new
headphones i just realize i’m talking
really loudly
he’s heaven return
but you notice so proud of me every
single day i got these haters they be
doubting me but not happy to see me
because i’ll be running now people
looking at me now you know that i be
spinning around her spinning tracks spin
attract like a record player now you
know that i’m doing this sh-t i’m
getting paper getting paper and i’m
getting haters doping up like an
elevator throwing up now i’m getting
older world’s tough man it’s getting
colder yeah it’s like a boulder like a
huge rock hey
like a sutra not gonna say what i say
you probably could against it man you
know i send a message i’m so done i text
there we’re gonna finish this track
finish it up people looking at me now
they picturing us in a future with the
future camera on the treadmill i got the
most stamina can now panama
i’m true dog b-tch i’m from canada
hey, hey, now i’m standing up
i get my bands get my bands now my bands are rubbed
let xo be an rb eat
up bodak yellow, call me cardi b
i’m done now 30 k words now
we’re done now holy sh-t that was 30 k
d-mn, that was a worthy day that was avoiding
times we listen to the whole song i love
you long time for so long
seriously, if you actually did that
i’ma send you a kit kat
i’ma saying you would kick cat to your
home so you can eat it and then enjoy it
because it’s a kit kat and kit kats are
candy alright this is the most mentally
exhausting mentally draining thing i’ve
ever done but it was pretty fun, that’s
pretty fun i’m still brian man when i’m
not even trying to they say how you uh
ron when you ain’t trying to i don’t
know this is what i’d like to do

that’s what i like to do you know i’m
just gonna end us sh-t now so if you
enjoyed it drop a like to subscribe you
know that is what i try to advise put it
in vision to your vision get a knife to
your i put an incision to your vision
get a knife to your eye
oh the beat just edit conveniently great
the beaches ended conveniently i’m no
strict i do my lyrics leniently so i
guess i’ll be seeing you when you’ll be
seeing me leave a like and subscribe to me
pop up please, ok, alright, that’s it