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lirik lagu alpha omega (22:21) – qubik



alright, take one
take one of the song
right now
starting the beat right now

what’s goin on y’all?
welcome to alpha omega 22:21
last track on revelation
uh, i’m pretty godd*mn psyched right now
i hope you guys are too
just sit back, and relax
and i hope you enjoy
let’s do it
uh, yeah!


i’m comin at ya like this
i made the beat
then i found a match
and light it like this
and i might just
compare you to isis
cause you blowin up for the time bein
and that’s the truth within the lies
i heavily advise to switch your flow up
fore you show up
but you know what?
it doesn’t really matter
cause i’m bein stopped by no one
now that sounds like it is fortunate
but oh no don’t you forget
that we strive with a challenge
but it’s like i got the perfect palette
and n0body’s got actual tallent
potato salad
i’m just waitin for my next revelation
i know it will come with consistent meditation
listenin to 21 pilots
that’s what done got me started
then i got ultra violent
and i realized that i am the youngest prophet
nothing can stop it
then i got the formal omen
and it seemed like i lost focus
but it was just a facade for applause
defend the rap game like samurai as long as i am alive
but if you sellin out for a bag
i can tell the stable mind;
you are lacking it
so i’d be happy to act as your kaishakunin
commitin harakiri is the best option
if you do all that talkin
but you cannot deliver
that’s when i got the formal liberation
then i’m talkin bout the state of our nation
and i’m rappin like a whiteboy, whiteboy
yes i am a rockstar
just give me some time;
to develop the rhymes
and i promise you that they bulletproof
like a metal man
i could give this up right now
and get a better plan
get a better wife
have a stable life
but i’d rather rape the beat
like i’m leaving neverland
and who knows
maybe for some time
i will be sleeping in the street
but i’ll evolve into the greatest
like it’s meant to be
this vision’s clear to me
and if you wanna get in touch
i prolly won’t reply if you text me
cause i’m prolly runnin xc
then next thing you know
i’m runnin with the track boys
spittin factoids
then covid*19 hit
i stopped running
and my entire team; i missed
but i’m back on track
this stuff is electric
ac/dc cause i’m back in black
i’m like connor, but aware
call me a sagacious assassin
nothing tasteless will happen
when i’m around
my discography profound
and it’s just gettin started
you cannot step to me
yes that ship has departed
compare me to eminem
compare me to toke
compare me to logic
and riff*raff no!
cause i ain’t nothin like him
i stay woke
he makes music for the money
but i make human music
and ya know there is a time
where you can just go lose it
sayin that you’re rich
and sayin you’re the goat
but if you cannot prove it
then you only serve as a nuisance to artists
and you’re smarter than you seem
yes i know you’re not retarted
but this is the beginning of your end
and the end of my beginning
this the alpha omega
marijuana and allegra
the old fashioned and the meta
global peace and the beretta
the second time around
things will really be much betta
like, like; this ain’t even my freshman album
but i get features from seniors
no longer sitting on the bleachers
waiting for my time
it’s 2 minutes to midnight
you like a liberal
cause you can never think right
think about it
it’s not an attack
it’s just a play on words
judging somebody’s political standpoint is backwards
like a race car
you gonna need a physician assistant
if you see me in person
you better keep your distance if you fake
cause real recognize real is my superpower
this ain’t stupid hour
i’m a g*nius
i get dirty, not the cleanest
and i got the biggest*
plethora of words
i’ll keep the lyrics comin
there’s no need to be concerned
i’m here to rival the fakes
i’m from the 508
i disagree with your decision to not pay attention
but i’ll still welcome you to shows
and if you messin with the fire, flows, and bars;
then you’ll be messin with me hard
need to play my cards right, writing all night
we will be alright
shoutout to l*o*g*i*c
joyner lucas and ld
token, post malone, and ghost b.c
eminem, j. cole, and kennedy
21 pilots, wu*tang and kenny
r.a. and many more
when you see me at the awards, say
“yo qubik! i’m your number 1 fan!
i heard revelation
it was amazin!
and the project you just dropped
is more fire than satan
i love how you are not fakin
not focused on bakin the bread
you just be sprayin the lead
keep on doin what you doin
and i’ll listen when you’re finished
i am sure that you will k!ll it
cause you’re easily the realest.”
and i might just cry
i’ll have a tear in my eye
and then i’ll reply
“thank you.”
this “22:21,” cause this the last verse
that will put you in the he*rs*
i’m forever grateful for this opportunity
to the person listenin;
we will sit down one day
just you and me
just stay tuned for my next project
hopefully i can get a verse from logic
or that guy who’s yellin “beat it!”
if this project feelin odd
then the next one will be even
but hey
i think on my first attempt;
i did pretty decent
but that’s what she said
alright i’m outta here!

ight, that’s it folks!
you don’t have to go home
but you can’t stay here
it’s all over, it’s all done
last track
this is it
it’s been fun
it’s been great
but i’ll see y’all in the next project
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah!