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lirik lagu i wanna be free – queenzzielocthevoice


oh, woah (yeah, yeah)
i just wanna be free (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
all the pain (all the pain)
all the sorrow (all the so*so*sorrow)
i’m praying for a better tomorrow (i’m praying for a better tomorrow)
i wanna be like a bird (i wanna be like a bird)
then fly away free (fly away, yeah, yeah)
are you feeling me? (yeah, yeah)
i don’t wanna stress no more (i don’t wanna stress, no)

i’m so tired of police brutality (of police brutality)
wake up, america (wake up, wake up)
he will face reality (reality, yеah, yeah, yeah)
peoplе are dying for no reason at all (people are dying, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
hold on, we need a change (hold on, we need a change, lord)
in this world, oh, wake up, everybody (in this world, wake up, everybody)

i wanna be free (i wanna be, be free)
free from dying (free)
free from family (free)
loosing a loved one (i just wanna be, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
from police brutality (from police brutality)
[verse 2]
hold on, it’s time (it’s time for us to be free)
to take a stand (yes, oh, to you, yeah)
i’m talking to everybody (every, everybody)
in the community (oh, yeah, yeah)
unity is power (to be free)

oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)
oh, yes, it is (yeah, yeah, yeah)
it’s time to make a change (it is time, make a change)
to stand up for what you believe in (and watch you be free)

oh, lord, i just wanna be free, free (i want to be free, yeah)
there’s so many people who are homeless (i want to be free, free)
i want, want america to know (i want, yeah, yeah, yeah)
we need a change (we need a change)
we, we need a shield (we need a change)
but i’m just telling you (i’m telling you)
i, i just wanna be free (i, i just wanna, wanna be free)
free, oh, i want, i wanna be free (free, i want)

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