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lirik lagu 4:44 am – quentin the 5th


(yeah, yeah)

[verse 1]

i got some trees on my desk and i got me a lighter
this the revenge of the 5th, lately i been inspired
feel like they testing me, actually quentin shouldn’t retire
try being 22, broke as f-ck, being begged to lift higher
all i got is my god and the pen is my sword
if they pull out the pistol what do i tell ’em- en guard?
like do you want me to flex? or laying stiff in a car?
finishing is my only option, f-ck it this is my office
this revenge of the 5th, the other me is expired
might catch me dressed in all black
match my attire with tires
i just might let off on demons [?] like a pious
hate myself, love myself, think i preach to the choir
(it’s now or never)