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lirik lagu put it on my tab – quilly


[intro: quilly]
see, when you know the line, like i know the line line
(i know the plug), not the middleman, i know the line
haha, i know the plug, you heard? f-ck you talkin’ bout?

[chorus: quilly] (2x)
i got all these n-gg-s’ mad, i got all these b-tches sad
when i pull up in that jag, yeah, i’m finally in my bag
and my credit; a1, prolly put it on my tab
she gon’ give that p-ssy up, i told her “put it on my tab”
i got bands, i got percs, auntie, put it on my tab
i got work, i got percs, unc, put it on my tab
i got c-ke, i got dope, papi, put it on my tab
yeah! (put it on my tab)

[verse 1: quilly]
my ambitions as a rider, shorty, she a slider
only f-ckin’ wit me cuz she know i’m bout a dollar
pull up in an audi, engine soundin’ like mufasa
and, i know these n-gg-s’ lying, they ain’t never tote no chopper

needs finished