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lirik lagu we are as one – rachael hawnt


[verse 1]
moonlight breaks the night
a dream that could not end
encompass me with open arms
i’ll hold you once again

a face that looks like mine
your memories lost in time
enchanted spells with rosemary entwined

daring to belong
we must choose who to be
tell me you’ll always search for me
we are as one
our bond cannot be undone
soaring fearless within your eyes
we must try

one voice will remain
and we will live again
now i know
becausе you told me so

[verse 2]
we see visions unfold
from embеrs we revealed
together let’s find hope
our fate cannot be sealed

these ties will never end
our power must ignite
a passion to consume the darkness and the light

i won’t turn my face away
we will cast off through this night
can we enchant our destiny?
we are as one
this magic keeps us so strong
reaching out into the blue sky
where ribbons fly

our voice is the same
i’ll be by your side again
and believe
wherever we may go
just know this
we’ll stand as one

[choir * lyrics to be added]

we can’t wait until this life has passed us by
i feel the lunar strength with me
can you see what can be
with the sight
we unite

[choir * lyrics to be added]

we are as one
this story’s only begun
like flames leaping into the night
we both rise
this song is the same
we’ll be coming back again
don’t let go
i need you to know
real love never dies