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lirik lagu lost in contemplation – rachel g


standing on a train station platform

with your ticket in hand, nonrefundable

anxiously antic*p*ting the transports arrival

the destination listed is wonderful

you’re vulnerable

and this could be the chance of a lifetime

because lifetime has been limited to

bleak walls and colors of gray, but after chasing the sunshine you want the complimentary rainbow

and it’s crazy though

how a loco*motive

can alter the state you’re in

it’s a state of being

a state of wholeness
that transcends and extends beyond the bounds of current reality

it’s not a guarantee, but you’re hopeful to say the least

you’ve made peace

with the delay in time

and the delay in time, while it’s not ideal

accommodations are made

so you wait


aggressively your heart beats inside your chest

you repress the pang of emotions felt

time melts and you’re at a standstill

you stand still and you endure the clash

it’s the war within your mind * should you stay or should you go
or do you resign

to remain expectant of a thing that may never arrive or to abandon ship

and run the risk of missing it completely when it finally pulls into station

i guess you’re lost in contemplation…

steady looking at the time

yet you’ve not considered that the one who fashioned you

in your mother’s womb, has you at the forefront of his mind

you say you’re vulnerable

and that this could be the chance of a lifetime

because your lifetime has been filled with

bleak walls and colors of gray

but the “sunshine” you’ve been missing
has nothing to do with uva, but everything to do with christ

or lack thereof

he is the

light of this world

in him there, is no darkness

he satisfies

the longing soul

and yet, you are, empty

you’re glutinous

savagely your heart beats inside your chest

as you serve your voided soul its wants

there’s no response

and the receptors give no signal that it’s met its fill

it’s a landfill, and everything is trashed

but the one who knows you by name

is making his pass

this is your opportunity

to surrender everything you are, and everything you have

because he died to set you free, and make all things new, there’s no turning back

you won’t go back

because you finally submit and finally commit

to him who’s bought you your freedom

so now you’re home, and in his kingdom

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