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lirik lagu pope power – radamiz & thelonious martin


[verse 1]
soul survivors, globetrotters
pope power, protect me from these cowards
on earth for another 100 years then we outty
forensics can’t find a f*ck up out me
i don’t care if your diamonds cloudy or drowsy
if you haile selassie, your mental magnetizes
we pr*nounce those french brands perfectly
p*ssy and a lost sheep is he who murders me
h*ll never burned, what hurt was not saving you in emergency
my uncle just died in a shootout, bad drug deals
we put some rеverb on murder for record salеs
the same chick you think riding for you ain’t train her will
see if she survives the poorest you when the angle’s nill
may god bless us and deliver us from pain inflicting
may god forgive me ahead of time when the subconscious whispers
my jesus piece speaks to me and sweats sangre
make a penne allá vodka pasta out ‘ya
you loved me when i chain*smoked bogies and stole from wallets
my next door neighbor gives 60% of wages to nycha
memorized the book of revelations and recites it loudly
kids hydroplane for a local name and get lawless outcomes
in my childhood, rocked more fake air forces than real ones
you loved me when “new york don’t love me” was a local anthem
you loved me when i missed on $16,000 dollars
in february and had you cover most of the rent, astounding
soul survivors, globetrotters
pope power, protect me from these cowards
on earth for another 100 years then we outty

[verse 2]
half journalist, make rap friends and get your heart broken
i f*cked with you before you sneak dissed me
still f*ck with you but you still can’t f*ck with me
we hit lines directly to inspect, chin check temperature
disrespect neglect and inject pressure, who test?
bring some language out your chest or keep your sentences
and if the jests were public threats then address the reset for them to see
enough! i’m done with the small talk and voldemorts
all of these riddles, all of you mcgriddles and polaroids
one and done, a new man before the summer comes
no using stunt doubles or stilts, it’s shrill before the sun
how do you make a parent proud?
what makes you toughen up?
since when was death meme worthy?
since when did we lack courtesy?
since when did we permit ip burglary?, since when?
since when did becoming an overnight celebrity take an eternity?
since when did being this dope and that broke make sense?
since when? i got a bone to pick, there ain’t a coach to put us in
i been pushing forgiveness, these four walls closing in
the voices in my head manifest for a symposium
the best things can’t be spoken and the second best get misquoted
soul survivors, globe trotters
pope power, protect me from these cowards
on earth for another 100 years then we outty
if you gon’ f*ck with me, then f*ck with me proudly

[verse 3]
the soundtrack for headache inducing heavy jewelry
don’t compliment my cuban link, watch the stanley kubrick
drop an album, drop a novel, then curate a museum
to think this the same kid who was ms. nedelka’s student
pretending like i was stupid, leaving enemies clueless
before the ruth’s chris baby hop in this whip for a school trip
relentless with the hustle
there’s no other way i’d be able to do this



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