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lirik lagu running with scissors – radioinactive & antimc


when you put your best foot forward i’m against it
it’s the evil gila monster with an indigestion instrument
leaves each and every one of us constipated
p-ss the loaf around and watch everybody taste it


how are you?
i’m fine
but that’s none of your business
this track that is on now is called running with scissors
a monitor lizard
that’s hunting night visitors
i frequent the habitat
follow the rabbit cr-p
and horse hair back to the camp
with an evil iambic pentameter
with the germ warfare i keep in a canister
a clerical worker
chemical criminal
changing the clinical studies
on monkeys to mimic a vision so cynical
innocent people will die
from the chemicals sprayed on the vegetables
billions of dollars are wasted on medical research
i’m just selling these free kamal t-shirts
working my way through the strike
while you’re flying those colin powell kites
you need to see a doctor about that swollen owl bite

i’ve come to pay homage
to those in blue bonnets
who use economics
both you and adonis
who make gin and tonics
and dirty martinis
and promise each other warm weather and human leather seat covers
let’s play tennis and never cook supper
we’d like to congratulate you with a bottle of aftershave
to go with the yacht that i’m giving you
silent auctions and interviews
inclusive dinner cruise
served with the catch of the day
while leisurely listening to authentic blues from the delta
features relations of thomas jefferson that’ll make you move to philadelphia
children of wealthier
hustling their complementary suite at the waldorf astoria
it’s all a write off
i tolerate watchmen
holiday gratis
buy it and double the cost
we making a profit
this is fantastic
charming entrepreneurial missionary
kissing the wife of a foreign dignitary
in a place where people are born with dysentery
don’t diss me cause i’m on a coin
i am change
at this rate of exchange
all the maitre d’s names
whose catered remains
the waiters arrange it
for me on my favorite plane