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lirik lagu 1 minute – raideraid



want you to know that
noticed you
and i
just thought that you should know that
notice you
am so very f*cking high
on the truth
and i
just want you to know that
can’t f*ck with you

b*tch i’m f*cking geeked up
b*tch i’m slazer*blazed
eyes glazed like a glacier
yea you know i’m eazed up
posted wit the g’s uh
right where i’m supposed to be
th*rns on me
make em bleed uh
the way stuck on me
that’s the thing that make em’ bleed
but that’s no thing to me
just a minor necessity
flower in the breeze
with the birds and the trees
that’s just how i feel and
that’s just how i be