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lirik lagu you and i – rakim


“you and i”
(feat. samuel christian)

[intro: rakim]

[chorus: samuel christian (rakim)]
you and iii will always be togetheeeer
peace or war, no – matter the weatheeer!
me and you like birds of a feather (uh!)
til the wind blows – us awaaayyyyy! (uh, uh!)

we stand talk while they fall togetheeeer (ch’eah!)
none left! – i formation like the letteeer. (uh-huh!)
model and the shelter it’s built for whatever (sss-street talk!)
til the wind blows – us awaaayyyyy!

from the beginning – it felt like we been in love. (uh-huh!)
we took a chance knowing how slim it was. (uh-huh!)
the world is ours now let’s split it up! (uh!)
and you know how short life is, let’s big it up!
let’s get fitted up! – get it in and live it up. (uh!)
dinner plus the cinema then let’s h-t the club. (uhh!)
posting up like both of us is spendin’ ones (let’s get it!)
cause we ain’t get it if it didn’t come in him and hers. (uh!)
chemistry together! (uh-huh!) – just like a recipe,
or destiny we was meant to be together. (yeah!)
don’t worry about me going left or doing you wrong! (uh-uh!)
we right for each other it’s a beautiful bond. (uh-huh!)
we hug and touch, we love and l-st, (uh!)
we last through the bashes, (uh!) we cuss and fuss
until we – trust the love, it’s just for us! (uh-huh!)
until it’s ashes (uh!) to ashes (uh!) and dust to dust.


in each others arms – it’s like heroin love! (ooh!)
that dope fiend forever in love. (uh!) – but it’s better than drugs! (uh-huh!)
it’s heavy on the heart it’s still a risk
but we never fall apart, (uh-uh!) we was built for this.
nothing that we can’t sort out, it’s brought up (uh!) and thought out, (uh-huh!)
erase all doubt go hard and all out.
you and my fam fall out most of your family can’t stand me! (uh!)
we can’t let that cross out our family plans, can we?
uh-uh! – we won’t get no love from it
let’s just keep it one hunnid ’til we one hunnid!
stack grands ’til we grand-parents (uh!)
whatever work (yeah!) but let’s hope (uh!) for the best (uh!) and expect the worst.
cause we’ll have good and bad times together
but the bad’ll make the good times that much better. (that’s right!)
so let’s absolve it ’til we sprawled out in coffins (uh!)
and 2012 if the world fall out the orbit.


we go together like criminals and crime. (uh-huh!) – instrumentals and rhymes (uh!)
clothes and trends, like real g’s and dimes! (uh-huh!)
stone gems and shine. (right!) – real cream and pies. (right!)
chrome rims and rides, like i’ll teams and grinds. (right!)
like identical designs. (uhh!) – the pinnacle to rise (like…)
like flows and ants, like skill dreams and drive. (uh!)
home in france. – like a little trees and vibes (uh-huh!)
close as kin or like heels, jeans and thighs. (uh!)
since i was rocking giseles, you was hotter than h-ll (uh-huh!)
now it’s me and you like barack and mich-lle.
denzel and pauletta (uh-huh!) prevail when all weather; (uh-uh!)
stand tall while they fell and fall together! (uh!)
the pleasure and the pain (what?) – the pressure and the hate (uh-huh!)
through whatever we together like forever and a day. (uh!)
checks and dollar signs. (uh-huh!) – the love for paper (uh!)
better yet – like father time and mother nature!


[outro: rakim]
i told you from the rip.
we gon’ do what we do!
it’s me and you… you and i!
it’s the g-o-d! [beat fades out]

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