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no bloopers - ralfy the plug lyrics


you know the name, mr., uh, uh, uh

you know the name, b*tch, mr. no bloopers
he laced up his shoes to play ball but he’s no hooper
neiman marcus shoppin’, spendin’ bands, i’m no booster
if the b*tch didn’t put it in your hands, she’s no chooser
only winners in my circle, n*gga, no losers
it’s 2022, how you got a glock with no ruler?
her last n*gga worked for doordash on a scooter
we know the truth, who be really spendin’ racks? f*ck your rumors
back to back slaps, no skips, no bloopers
he was a janitor at the gym, he wasn’t really no hooper
i’m a lion, i be cheatin’, i’m tryna knock a cougar
it’s gon’ be hard to think when these blue tips hit your medula
if it’s beef, these taco sh*lls’ll turn ’em to pupusas
got these n*ggas mad ’cause they ain’t listenin’ to they music
if you heard a n*gga say the plug was broke, he’s dilusional
n*ggas hatin’, i get a hundred every month off my music, though
every mixtape i’m comin’ different, who wanna use this flow?
you ain’t got no money for the plug, you can use the door
i’m the chosen one, b*tch, i’m the g.o.a.t., i thought you should know
they don’t like the way the plug comin’, b*tch, you can go
the plug

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