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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – ransom


ok now n-ggas i’m p-ssed off
how many chains on n-ggas necks i could lift off
how many watches on n-ggas wrists i could slip off
i got them in the scope so you know i’m letting that fifth off
the big boss excited bout all this grimy sh-t
you on the wrong tip confused over this tiny sh-t
boy missed at mayweather
sorry miss jackson this action is looking way better
so keep talking and make me reach for my sidearm
find me an ave that’s worthy enough to ride on
and i’ll ride on, that’s word to mommy
i never listened to rule so send word to gotti
i’m talking bout irv n-gga, you got some nerve n-gga
better watch your words n-gga
saying that you street will get you stomped out on this curb quicker
ask me about any n-gga see if my words differ
i don’t give a f-ck about n0body
i’m so sorry i’m colder than when my nose snotty
my flow probably compared to being an old shotty
lonely n-ggas saying they k!llers they ain’t go no body
bang, riding out with my gang
i show these n-ggas the ropes now these n-ggas just wanna hang
they say that i’m just a dark author
i’m riding fast & furious like i’m paul walker
i gave you my life is you kidding this is what yal offer
money, women, & nights you figure that’s just what i’m off of
yal wrong cause i want more than that
if you the definition of street then i am the almanac
if every n-gga’s talking about work then where’s all the bosses at
apart from that if n-ggas is k!ller where’s all the coffins at
they say that i’m too involved with that, i’m far from that
if that’s your perception i’m trying to alter that
i don’t follow rules and parameters when you talking rap
i’ll green light a n-gga so watch where a n-gga crossing at
and for them n-ggas talking like they coming for him
i just went from 0-100 on em
all these rap n-ggas think they fronted on him
i just went from 0-100 on em (yea)