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lirik lagu street rock – rap dynasty


[verse 1: doctor mel]
introducing myself, the man of commonwealth
with more medical knowledge than the board of health
and if you think i’m a man with no [?] but himself
i’m doctor mel and you’ll be calling for help, that’s right
doctor mel’s the name, my titles retained
either [?] or lame, i show no shame
the number one mc, and yours truly
to be the vocal warlord of the dynasty
highly rated, imitated, somewhat underrated
with a rap that’s creative, or even [?]tive
rock a rhyme so fine, each and every time
so the kids can enjoy from ages one to nine
sheer with [?], year after year
[?] rapping rhyme from me they hear
and when a mother asks her child, says “who you wanna be?”
then she says “good god, rap dynasty”
to understand, brother man, just who i am
you say i can’t do it and i say i can
be number one, the only one, who’s second to none
and knows how it goes with the cons or pros
in and out or about, from north to south
doctor mel as well, gonna turn you out

good god
[verse 2]
now the words would taste sweet if my rap was edible
the beat is fresh, the rhymes compatible
compound [?] to aid the situation
and willingly communicate my reputation
to the awestruck fans, across the land
let me take you by the hand as the words expand
across the great lakes and the seven seas
i create, demonstrate such rhymes like these
and you will jump straight, my rhymes got [?]
when i rock at the party, the girls yell thanks
my rhymes make sense, they’re not too dense
with the power of rhyme that’s much too immense
to measure on a scale, so just yell hail
for the prince of revolution will soon prevail
over those who chose to be my opposition
i’m proving to the [?] it’s the wrong decision
chatter on a matter, serve you on a platter
rhyme on your noggin and make your friends scatter
’cause i’m a living legend in my own time
take out any other rapper with a handful of rhymes
and you rest assured, i will endure
you may win the battle, i win the war
’cause i’m the best mc these brothers ever had
and i talk a lot of mess ’cause it’s just that bad
good god

break it down

[verse 3: quick [?]]
cold*blooded body rocker, quick [?]’s in the place
and i’m here to set the story straight
these rhymes are hot and they’ll rock the spot
and my level of performance never dissipates
understand that the rhymes i make up will make you wake up
do it to you every time and i make the place shake up
and you can take that for what you think it’s worth
but i’ve been rapping like this since day of birth
[?] much flair, never show no fear
some will make millionaire, mc extraordinaire
mc commentator, big money gainer
while [?] stage, they call the entertainer
with the rhymes to contest, so funky fresh
run wild with style, like a man possessed
cutting sucker mcs by all means necessary
my rhymes [?] like the military
something funky fresh that i’m gonna unleash
’cause i feel it’s mandatory that i rock the house, huh
and that’s for the jealous that said we couldn’t do it
now i’m here to say you [?] d*mn foot in your mouth
i don’t talk unless something needs to be said
like the kind of [?] lies that’s being spread
about a brother like me giving up the hip*hop
that’s a rumor that you better drop
’cause i’mma tell you quick [?] breaks wild, in style, with a smile
got [?] resumés on file
the rap coming off about as strong as a blizzard
the epitome of why i’m called the rhyme wizard
got the sk!ll to make an mc a nervous wreck
and you can look at my credentials, they always check
’cause if the rhyme was a muscle [?] always flex
and i dare to be the rapper everybody respects
good god



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