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lirik lagu neverfly – rasta


thousands years we dreamt about wings,
million times we tried to do it,
climbing mountains we’ve fallen to nowhere
nowadays and before.

nothing stops those who desire
to take off the land and fly up.
we’ve never seen the world from heaven
nowadays and before.

look at me, at all i’ve seen.
deep inside turn up your mind.
ever and ever forever we are free!

to cross the line,
to feel the pride,
to leave behind,
to fly up high,
while we rush up to the hollow sky.

time is running,
aviation made us flying.
we can touch clouds and look into hollow sp-ce,
but we dream of something more.

still we have no wings behind and
still we have a great desire
to take off the land and fly up.
that’s we are looking for!

leave your flesh. look to the sky,
free your soul, believe and fly!
ever and ever forever we are free.

let my song go on the wind
and fly across the land!
i fall to my eternity.
my dream will never end.