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lirik lagu new god – rasta


call me from the sun,
let me see the only one
way to recognize.
now i feel i realize.

i watch the sky i see this god.
make me believe in distant light.
all stars are dancing, the singing moon.
advent is soon i recognize instellar tune.

new god!
give me pain.
i’m insane

crush the distant breath,
runaway from ignorance.
hollow light of haze.
i belong to human race.

so down to earth and make us bleed.
we are so useless for their planes.
they need resources for their forces.
to devastate and crush away and make us lost.

i feel this cold.
i feel this breath of horror.
i see tomorrow’s dying fast.
i see the death.
my soul is fool of sorrow.
his spirit is the god i trust.