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lirik lagu r.a.v. (spelling bee champ) – rav


i’m in the booth!

[verse 1]
greetings and salutations all the way from queens [?] to cali, baby
r-av will beat you and have you raved
and if you ain’t listen to his cd, say it’s amazing
who you gonna call when the industry sucks fat d-ck and the [?] are your enemies?
linking you to a bunch of fraud–ss artists
forcing mad [?] but the [?] is heartless
the rap game sucks, it needs some help
yo, it’s f-cking hilarious like steve carell
rav came to fix sh-t, believe i will
i see the motherf-cking audience, i’ll feed them well
motherf-ckers best know what my name is
his swagger is -ss and your flow’s f-cking -n-s
but i’m f-cking awesome, watch me win
it’s r-a-v until the f-cking end

remember my name, b-tch
it’s r-a-v
that’s right, i’m r-a-v
they call me r-a-v
my name is r-a-v

[verse 2]
these [?] rappers f-cking sounding like a bunch of f-gs surrounding mics
but your act is lacking talent, i can’t stand it, that ain’t right
all you f-cking f-ggots bore me, you ain’t in my category
where the f-cking challenge at? your challenge raps are f-cking corny…
(fades out)