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lirik lagu friday the 13th – ray charabaty


they say the early days of may
carry all the sun and wind and light of day
but wait, i’m sure they’ve lost the date
it’s actually today, the 13th on a friday!

we played with fire on a summer’s day
just before i took a plane somewhere far away
and you chose to stay

stay with me, dance with me, capture me, carry you off!
phone call me, video baby, turning me on, yeah

if these three months had never happened
the earth would have no reason to keep spinning

if these two souls had never met
the wind would have no reason to still blow

if this one meeting never happened
what would happen to my veins
if they can’t console my heart
would they have made it through the pain?

if we had never met back then
i know for sure right now
i was still gonna meet you somehow

my soul set sail to you, into the blue
i was always gonna meet you somehow
i was always gonna meet you somehow
i was always gonna meet you somehow!